Friday, January 31, 2020

Remember, We SUMMONED THIS STORM so we can WIN Over it!

Hello friends! 

Whatever you are facing right now...along with all the weight and fear in the world around us...remember 
we are here as Buddhas to change the world through our own self-transformation. 

We chose this lifetime to embrace our Human Revolution and raise the vibration of the planet through our own chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

And I know it doesn't always feel this way. Believe me. Lately, it seems like a lot of the world's pain is seeping into me. But it is up to me and each one of you to chant to transform our karma into mission. 

What a bold mission we have! 

But not if we cower from our lives. Not if we hide out hoping it will all go away. As Nichiren Daishonin says: 

"A sword will be useless in the hands of a coward."

NOW is the time for us to yield those swords! 

NOW is the time for us to re-determine to make kosen-rufu (a world of respect for all beings) happen through our lives, through our prayers, and through our actions. 

NOW is the time for us to be kinder than listen more intently to people. To invite our friends to join us in chanting. I invited a new friend to chant with me yesterday. I could tell as we were chanting that her life was transforming in front of my eyes. She tells me today that our chanting was a new beginning for her. 

Each time we chant it's a new beginning. "Hon-nim-myo" Meaning from this moment forth! 

And remember, it's okay to tell those shoten-zenjin that we demand protection. It's okay to chant and say NOW GOHONZON. NOW LIFE FORCE AND LIFE POWER THAT I POSSESS Make it happen! 

Remember the Daishonin yelling at Hachiman (In the Gosho "On the Buddha's Behavior) and telling him he needed protection now...and how the orb came out of the sky and his life was spared. All of us need to summon the courage, the conviction and the power to increase our daimoku, and emPOWER our daimoku for our own lives, for those around us, and for the good of the planet. 

Please don't give in to the hopelessness that is all around us. 

Let's lead the way with our lives sparkling with high life-conditions, showing actual proof at each moment. We are each Buddha Beacons. And the more we realize it, OWN our problems and vanquish them...the better world we make for all. 

You can do it! We all can. If we continue going to our SGI meetings, reading the Gosho and Daisaku Ikeda, and helping people learn to chant we will WIN! 

Yours, in love and light,  Jamie


  1. Excellent words of encouragement! Thank you,Jamie. I shared your blog.

  2. Needed this. Thank you so much