Friday, February 7, 2020

Meeting Every Challenge with JOY

Life is about challenges 
and joy is something we build for ourselves 
through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, 
choosing our words carefully, 
and taking correct action for our lives 
with the recognition 
that everything we do 
is a CAUSE for our own happiness, 
and the happiness of others. 

We are Bodhisattvas of the earth with deep missions and deep vows. If you read this and think "I never quite understood about the vow part," let me give you my brief insight on this. 

Remember, I am a practicing Buddhist, just like you. Last October I celebrated my 33rd anniversary of receiving the Gohonzon. 

When we talk about our vow for kosen rufu, it's something that is present in my daimoku (chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) every day. 

My vow is my determination that through my accessing the incredible power of the universe within me ~ by chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo, that I will make the world a better place. 
I chant for my life force to flow smoothly and powerfully so I can positively impact the world at every moment. I chant to access the most powerful power I have so that I can be an inspiration to others as they watch me overcoming challenges and achieving victories all along the way. 

And I have had challenges, just like you. Mine are mine alone, just as yours are yours alone. But the thread that connects us is the ability and determination to turn poison into medicine time and time again. Not just for ourselves, but to make the world a better place. I chant "BECAUSE of this HUGE challenge, I can change my karma! Thank you to my life."

Boy, do we ever have a lot to chant about right now, right? 

We can chant for everything we hear about in the news...the people...and our whole world. Now, more than ever, we are at our crucial point, and can use our vow of happiness to strengthen our lives and bring peace and harmony to the world, not just through our prayers, but through our actions. 

My determination is to SEE my life and make the changes I need to make, deep inside my character, so that my life can purify all I touch and see, and all I can't see. Science has proven that we all exist in the web of life together. Our changes, our human revolution, changes the world. It HAS to. My daily causes are important. So are yours. 

So, every day, I bring my smile to all around me, every day. My daily life is a joy. As an independent business owner, and Certified EFT Professional, I am building my EFT clientele. EFT, also called Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, (yes, it has three names!) is the Fourth Wave of Psychotherapy. 
It's a form of psychotherapeutic acupuncture. By tapping on specific meridian points on the hand and upper body you send a signal to your nervous system that frees stuck energy. As you know, as Buddhists we embrace modalities that are useful. I use EFT and chanting to enhance my life experience. I love to teach EFT. 

My clients come to me for many reasons. I help them release anxiety, lose weight, alleviate their suffering over relationships, and work on money issues so they can become more prosperous. During each session, I teach my clients to tap for themselves. Since this is my profession I charge for my services. Please email me if you're interested. My website is

Always remember ~ WE are a gift to the world. WE are the ones who can surmount our sufferings and help others learn this wonderful chant. We are the ones who can help and inspire the youth of our time. This is our vow!

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the youth! Nam myoho renge kyo for the unity of the SGI organization. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for YOUR happiness and the happiness of all around you! 

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