Saturday, February 22, 2020

"When We're Suffering" ~ Words of wisdom from Daisaku Ikeda

Here's a photo my son Aaron and I hiking in Phoenix last week. It is such a joy to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo every morning and evening with him! 
This spring I'll see him quite a bit, in Chicago in March, and in June when he graduates from his two Medical residencies, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 
Leaving Aaron is never easy, even when I love my life on St. Pete Beach. Although, as I'm sitting here, looking out over the Gulf of Mexico, watching the birds fly by my window, I have to say "Life is really awesome!" 

Within my own life, I am showing actual proof born of hard work and based on my prayer to connect with people who are meant to work with me personally. This afternoon I had an EFT session with one of my EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping Clients and I'm filled with appreciation for my profession. My practice of EFT makes it possible to help people alleviate stress, anger, sadness, and grief (and any toxic emotion) and replace these emotions with wisdom and new insights that come naturally to the client ~ through clinical EFT using my great training, compassion, and ability to listen with all my heart. 

If you live in the US or Canada and would like a 20-minute free "Taste of Tapping Tune-up," to experience tapping for yourself, please email me with two times you are available at You can also email me if you'd like a full session or series of sessions. Check out my website at

For now, I'm only offering this to my US and Canadian Readers.   

Here's a quote from Sensei that is so beautiful to me. 

"When we're suffering, 
feeling sad, 
or experiencing hard times, 
we should just go to the Gohonzon with an open heart, 
like an infant who throws him/herself into the arms of his/her mother and clings to her. 
The Gohonzon will "listen" to our every word, 
so we should chant abundantly 
as if we are carrying on a conversation, 
confiding in our innermost thoughts. 
In time, even hellish sufferings 
will vanish like the morning dew 
and seem as but a dream. 

"If, for instance, 
we recognize that we have been in error in some way, 
we should offer prayers of deep apology 
and correct that error. 
Then, we should make a fresh determination 
never to repeat the same mistake again
and set forth anew. 

"Also, in crucial moments 
where victory or defeat will be decided, 
we should firmly resolve to win 
with the power of a lion's roar 
or the ferocity of an asura demon, 
as if to shake the entire universe. 

"And, in the evening, 
after a happy day, 
we should chant to the Gohonzon 
with profound appreciation."

Daisaku Ikeda, 
New Human Revolution Vol 11, "Pioneering New Frontiers" 


  1. You are such a strong woman and your driving force in faith . You reap happiness absolute happiness

  2. Thanks Jamie! Just what I wanted to hear this morning!

  3. such lovely words. Knowing just a bit about your recent past I think of how you embody the words that "those who have suffered the most will become the happiest." Thank you!

  4. Thank you Jamie for being such an encouragement.