Sunday, April 26, 2020

4 Keys to Reignite Your Practice When it's Hard to Chant and Focus ~ And link to Monday's Meeting

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One of the attendees of Saturday's Worldwide Buddhist Encouragement Meeting asked "Jamie, do you feel like it's gotten harder to concentrate these days while chanting? I used to be able to really focus and now, with all the news and everything that's going on, it feels harder and harder to chant."

We've all had moments when we've felt this way. 

Here are: 
4 Keys to 
reignite your ability to Chant: 

1.We need to put our phones in the other room. I know, I know. It's not easy. But if we want to win in life we need to do it. 

2. We need to reconnect to our desires. Make ourselves a new list. reignite our hopes and passions. THis can be hard for some of us. We've been disappointed so many times before. But the purpose of our faith is to be happy, and we are Buddhas who believe that "Earthly Desires are Enlightenment!" 
We can write a Powerprayer for ourselves. One of my meetings may be geared to exactly this. Writing our own PowerPrayers. What are the elements? Try starting by addressing your own life. 

PowerPrayer Basics:
Start with 
"LIFE! This is what I want to accomplish!" 
And if you want to start feeling more hopeful you can write: "I'm determined to feel HOPE around __________. Bring back that feeling of hope!"
Or you can begin to list what your determinations are. 
Such as:  "I'm determined to chant x amount of time a day."
to break through in__________
and I'll know when I've broken through when__________!"

I'll delve more into writing PowerPrayers, and focus some of my WOrldwide Buddhist Encouragement Meetings on this! 

3. Start in small increments. Say to yourself "I'm going to chant 5 minutes of absolutely uninterrupted Daimoku. I'm not going to get up for water, I'm not going to use the bathroom, or check Facebook. No. For this 5 minutes, I will be glued to the Gohonzon! And when I do that 5 minutes I go for another, and another, and then I can reach my goals. Start small. And go for it! 

4. Remember you are not alone. As you chant, BILLIONS OF BUDDHAS (that are already in your life) are joining us when we chant. The first prayer I have in the morning is to greet those Buddhas with my life, Buddha to Buddha. It feels so good. 

Now more than ever we need to overcome our obstacles to chanting. For ourselves, for our country and for our world! 

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  1. Thank you so much 💕 just what I needed

  2. Awesome 👍 and powerful encouragement!

  3. Let me try I m targeting 20 hr today

  4. This was extremely encouraging, Jamie. Thanks for conducting these meetings!