Sunday, April 19, 2020

4 Ways to Make This Historic Moment One You'll NEVER forget!

Ok, so that's a picture from a time when we went out and socialized. We danced and met new people! I know we can't do that now, but I look so happy, I just had to post it! 

I miss those times. I really do. 
Yet a part of me feels that we've been given a gift. 
We've all entered a cocoon, separately, and together. 
And I'll tell you sometimes I really wish I'd already met the man I am so hoping to meet...the humorous, light-hearted, kind and generous Buddhist! I am taking applications :). 

But for now, I get to chant a lot and I'm always deepening my mastery of Clinical EFT Tapping as a Certified Practitioner. I'm also learning my Native American flute and launching some new programs. 

And I have 
4 Tips to making this Historic Moment One You'll Never Forget

You know what the first 3 are ABC. Chanting ABUNDANT Daimoku. Studying at least 20 minutes a day. Connecting with members, friends, family and new Shakubuku, 

The 4th KEY: WRITE

Remember the power of writing to make your dreams come true. 
I ask my new clients to write down a snapshot of where they are before they begin working with me. What are their frustrations, what do they want to change? And then, make a list of what they want and date it. 

So I suggest the same to you for this Historic Time! 
May 3rd is 2 weeks from today! 

Take this time to make Hon-nin-myo 
(from this moment forth)
resound in your life. This is your opportunity. 

Our opportunity! How many people can you introduce? Put that on your list!

I am chanting for you all. If you want, you can send me your list and I will chant for you too! 
Email it to 

I'm getting a lot of requests for guidance, and I do not give personal guidance. 
If you want some encouragement, come to my weekly meetings. There's one tomorrow ~  

Monday morning at 10:00 am Eastern time. 
Here's a time converter for you:

and here's a link to the meeting tomorrow:

Meeting ID: 673 203 768
Password: 222545
Invite your shakubuku - these are really encouraging meetings!

And as I mentioned several times, I do not give guidance, but I can, if time permits provide encouragement. Because my time is in such demand, there is an investment for meeting with me on zoom. Please keep that in mind. I'm totally dedicated to your success, and that's why I write this blog. 
Sending much love! Jamie 

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