Saturday, April 25, 2020

Today! Buddhist Encouragement through zoom, Join us at 6:00 pm Eastern US time

Here's your link for the Encouragement Meeting tonight! It starts at 6:00 pm Eastern US time, and anyone who wants to learn about EFT Tapping stays on for a few moments afterward. (Also Monday at 10:00am, see link below!)They are really uplifting meetings. Great for guests! The people who have been showing up are incredible Buddhas, and you are too! Come with a question, an experience, a quote, or just come to soak up the great energy: 

You can use to convert the time to wherever you are!

Meeting ID: 369 569 366
Password: 651702

And the Link for 
Monday at 10:00 am Eastern Time:

Meeting ID: 673 203 768
Password: 222545

Hello, my friends! What a whirlwind of a week! Was it like a roller coaster for you too? I started with a bang and hosted a zoom birthday party for Aaron's 30th Birthday. I invited people to come with a candle so Aaron would get to blow them out one by one while making wishes. I moderated and gave each person a chance to give my amazing Buddha-boy, double-doctor a tribute, tell a story, or just say Happy Birthday! It was a blast!

Then it was ups and downs all week feeling oh-so-grateful for abundant Daimoku! This week I am more determined than ever to chant at least two hours a day. I know I can do it. I have big goals! I've chosen the color panel for my new site where I'll be teaching many things! 

I am determined to launch by May third! 
There's a whole week until May Third. It's not too late to make your determinations. What do YOU want to break through and accomplish? What benefit do YOU want through your determined prayer? 

As for me, I chant for the power of the universe to flow through me to make this world better, to raise the vibration, for my own happiness and for the happiness of everyone on the planet, and all around me. 

I chant for deep understanding of Daisaku Ikeda, and Nichiren Daishonin's words, so that every time I read them I feel their life force surging through me, and feel like these words were written for me right now, transcending time and space. 

I chant for all who will be inspired by my words to find this site now, and for all who will benefit from my skill in Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques to find me now. My clients' breakthroughs this week took my breath away. (Theirs too!) 

Imagine being able to think of something in a whole new way which changes your outlook on everything, and ends the suffering you were feeling. THIS is what's possible with Tapping. And joining Tapping and Chanting we are UNSTOPPABLE! 

I love you my friends! You can email me your determinations if you wish at

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