Thursday, June 4, 2020

PowerPrayer for Human Revolution!

This is it! 
This is the time we were born for. 
We chose to be born for THIS TIME so we could be a part of setting the world right and building a world of respect for all. 
Kosen Rufu. 
Respect for ALL. 

PowerPrayer for Human Revolution 

June 4th, 2020
(While chanting this is my determination. Change it to make it fit your determination.) 
Jamie Lee Silver,

I was born for this! 
USE MY LIFE to polish the wisdom for all. 
Use my determination to CHANGE THIS WORLD
To make it fair
to make a loving world. 
Change any part of me that's judgemental, critical and unkind in any way so the world can be changed. 
make this world a better place! 
Give me the wisdom to make the right choices...say the right things...act in a way that serves the greater good. 
Let me not feel defeated. 
Let me reach out to help. 
Let me be generous in my spirit and my love! 
Nam-myoho-renge-kyp flows through me 
to the peaceful protesters. 
As Ikeda Sensei says repeatedly:
No one is more powerful than the PEOPLE. 
Protect them. 
CHANGE THIS WORLD to a world of respect. 
Now and forever. 


My heart has been sore this week, as I know so many of us have been angered, saddened, and sickened by watching a cold-blooded murder. 
The great Boddhisatva George Floyd's funeral is today in Minnesota. 
As Boddhisatvas ~ 
We vow to live in a world with respect for all. 
We vow to fulfill our vows as Boddhisatvas, 
as BUDDHAS to turn this land into the Land of Tranquil Light through our chanting, through our written words, and even through our tears. 

It is time, it has always been time. 
BUT NOW is the crucial moment. 
How do we greet this moment and make the best of it? 
How do we create change? 

A few years ago, while I was living in Chicago I got invited to an SGI symposium on Peace at the University of Chicago. Many who have made peace their mission spoke at this event and the message that kept repeating was: The Power of the People is stronger than anything, and one day we may have to stand up together once again. The time for the people to rise up is at hand." 
And I thought, well, I always want to live in the sixties (I was born in 1960 - way too young to protest), and here it is 2020, and we've come full circle. 

I stand with every young black person who has had a gun pointed at them by an officer of the law for no reason. 
I stand with those who have been mistreated because of their color. 
I stand in opposition to all the atrocities that have taken place that never made the national news, but we know that happened. 
I stand in love with my fellow human beings, aligned in love, not aligned in hatred. 

I'm chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the safety of the peaceful protesters, and for a world of respect for all living beings. I'm renewing my vow as a Boddhisatva of the earth to BE KIND. TO BE A FORCE FOR GOOD. TO PURIFY MY Nature and rid myself of greed, anger, and stupidity so the world can rid itself of the same three poisons. 
I know it all begins with me, with each of us as the Buddhas we are. 

I've upped my Daimoku to at least two hours a day. 

We need high life conditions. We need lives infused with wisdom. 
I'm also doing my EFT Tapping on myself when the emotions get heightened for me. 

My clients are amazed by the way my sessions are lifting their anxiety, grief, fear, and sadness.