Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ready for a breakthough? Here's an invitation:


Hello, my dear friends!

As you know, I have been chanting for many, many years. 
This is my blog and offering to you. 
The SGI and this blog are not affiliated. 
Along with chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I have something unique, positive and practical to offer. 

Are you searching for answers? 

And you know that they are inside you, but can't seem to access them? 

Have you had some of these challenges forever? 

It's been a while since I have written because I am a full-time EFT Practitioner now. EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a way for us to access our mind and body's wisdom, leading to great relief, happiness, and clearer thinking. 

Here's a useful tapping tip you can use when you are experiencing an emotion you'd like to change, gently tap on the inside of your wrist and say: "Even though I feel this way, right here, right now, I'm okay. It's okay to feel the way I do." Tap gently and do this for a while and most likely, the feeling will lift. Drink some water. Move your body. Write to me about your experiences doing this. 

If there is a freedom you are seeking, (maybe it is from fear, anger, or dread) it's best to go to the Gohonzon, and sometimes we chant for a long, long time and we still can't change something. Daisaku Ikeda has said everything is Buddhism, and to consult a doctor if we are ill. When we are under emotional stress we can go to a skilled professional who can really help us. 

With my precise and Clinical EFT Training certification and skills, you'll feel relief in the very first session, or your money back.  I provide instruction for you to tap between sessions as well. If you are interested in knowing more, please visit my Website at TapforHappiness.com. 

Tapping is the ultimate self-compassion, self-care tool. Tapping with a skilled practitioner makes all the difference.  You can email me at TapforHappiness@gmail.com or call me at 630-926-3001. I am in Arizona on Pacific Standard Time US. 

With all my love, 

Jamie Lee Silver

In Kauai with my son Aaron before Covid

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  1. Thank you Jamie Lee! Very appropriate message, and loved the photograph. Big hugs!