Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The 8 Keys for Making Your Dreams Come True!

Emotional Freedom Feels Like THIS! 

Hello my Buddha-Full friends! Thank you for your notes of thanks! Thank you for letting me know that my words on this blog are inspiring you. Thank you for sharing this lifetime with me, sharing your heart and your determinations. 

As a matter of fact, if you have a fresh determination towards your life send me an email at and I'll share it on the blog. 

This is the perfect time for fresh determinations. September, time for new beginnings is almost upon us. 

Because of this practice, and basing my life every single day on Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I've successfully launched my new life as a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. 

After many months of chanting to MASTER EFT, guided by the best (and most difficult) instructers in the world, and becoming a member of the two most respected organizations dedicated to EFT in the World, I have won! 

I am naturally attracting the people I am meant to serve through my work!

When I am serving my clients in an EFT session (whether in person or via ZOOM worldwide - how I love the power of the internet!) 

I see the relief in their eyes in each moment. With every session, I see and feel the weight of the world being taken off their shoulders. 

Those wonderful women who've come to me for weight loss are losing weight. 

Those lovely souls who've come to me for stress relief are walking lighter, smiling more, and not getting upset as often. 

And those who've come for grief relief are forgiving themselves, and the loved ones they grieve. EFT is such a great tool for forgiveness. 

And, when appropriate, we end our sessions with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

I wake up every morning filled with gratitude towards the Gohonzon (my life). I joyfully participate in SGI activities. 

I do shakubuku every single day. I have another friend almost ready to receive her Gohonzon. 

I know where my inner fire comes from and how to flame it. With fresh determination! Every morning. 

My New Determination:

I'm determined to continue to excel in my work, and to earn way more than I need to survive so I can continue to fund the Kosen-rufu movement to the best of my ability! 

I'm determined to be visible to the people who need me be on Facebook...doing public speaking...being at networking that those who need my services can easily find me, know that I'm the right guide for them, and start receiving the emotional freedom I offer through my work. 

I always wanted to be a therapist, but I think this is so much more fun. I'm not a therapist. As a Certified EFT Professional, I'm a guide to teaching people to release emotions that are no longer serving people. 

It's a new profession. And my practice brought me here. 

Thank you, Gohonzon! Thank you Nichiren Daishonin! 

Thank you, Daisaku Ikeda and Tsunesaburu Makiguchi and Josei Toda. 
Without you, I never would have found out about this practice. 

And Thank you Kate Randolph, my dear, dear friend and mentor. Throughout my life I will continue to shine in reflection of YOU, and all the good your eternal life brings.

Being an entrepreneur was a dream of mine my entire life. And here I am. 

Whatever you are dreaming, you know what to do: 

Dream Success Formula: 
1. Chant every day morning and evening.
2. TAKE ACTION stemming from that Daimoku.  
3. Don't complain. 
4. Make a fresh determination! 
5. Seek guidance from your senior leaders, and chant to be able to hear and receive the guidance before you go.  
6. Do shakubuku whenever you can. 
7. Chant for your fellow members, the youth, the planet, and your family!
8. Study the words of Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda with all your heart! 

That's a formula for success! 

Monday, August 5, 2019

How to get Back on Track in Daimoku and Really Connect to Our Prayer

I spoke with a member today who had a great question. 

She asked: "Jamie, do you feel like it's gotten harder to concentrate these days while chanting? I used to be able to really focus and now, with all the news and everything that's going on, it feels harder and harder to chant."

And I said, Yes, I know just what you're talking about! But there's hope. Here's what I do when I'm feeling scattered in front of the Gohonzon. First of all, I take my phone and put it in the other room. I don't use it to time my chanting. I use a clock. I get that phone out of my space. 

And, start in small increments. Say to yourself "I'm going to chant this 5 minutes of absolutely uninterrupted daimoku. I'm not going to get up for water, I'm not going to use the bathroom, or check Facebook. No. For this 5 minutes, I will be glued to the Gohonzon! And when I do that 5 minutes I go for another, and another, and then I can reach my goals. Start small. And go for it! 

I told her about the umpteen BILLIONS OF BUDDHAS who are joining us when we chant. The first prayer I have in the morning is to greet those Buddhas with my life, Buddha to Buddha. It feels so good. 

And refresh your goals. It always helps. 

Let's get our MOJO back. For ourselves. For the Youth. For the world! Peace! 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What Does Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Mean?

So glad you asked!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo means:

"I fuse my life with the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration".

I like to think of it as "I am one with the flow of life" because that's what it puts us in rhythm with our own lives and everything around us. 
We are all Buddhas. 
We possess the power of the entire universe in our lives. Chanting this phrase brings it out. 

Aligning our energies with our mentor Daisaku Ikeda, and chanting these words every morning and evening, 
studying the writings of Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda and introducing others to this practice 
are the keys to living vibrant, happy and victorious lives! 

It's a law. It works whether you believe in it or not.

People all over the world chant this phrase with the Sokka Gakkai International. The Website link is I encourage you to go there. Call the center nearest you and get the name of someone who practices near you. Go to a meeting and make new friends. You'll be starting on a whole new journey of happiness. 

It doesn't cost don't have to "do" anything to chant. Just try!

It's truly a practice for eating restrictions...just chant!
And practice. Chant every morning and evening...then you'll be writing me to tell me your results!  

Remember...dream big...go for the impossible!

In a few days this blog will be ten years old. That's right. There are well over 2,000 posts here, and 2,500,000 people have viewed it. Thank you for chanting and introducing others. Thank you for sharing, and above all else, I greet you my Buddha friends, in this Buddha Land! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Powerful Guidance from Kate Randolph

The one and only Kate Randolph
Hello friends, 
Recently I spoke at Kate Randolph's Life Celebration in LA. My charge from her daughter Sarah was to encapsulate Kate's guidance. What an honor. Truly. Kate and I spoke almost every other week for 34 years. I took notes. 

Here's how Kate introduced me to this glorious 

It was August of 1985 when we met. 
Kate told me a story that changed my life. In Kate's work for the Great Peace March Across America, she needed to work with the megastar Paul Newman. The first day she was so flustered in his presence she couldn’t even form sentences. That night she chanted for one hour, and came back the next day and could talk to him like he was anyone else on the planet. 
I knew right I’d finally found what I’d been searching for my whole life. A tool that I could use to channel my energy in the direction I wanted it to go. A practical tool for happiness! And she told me I did not have to release my attachment to my desires. I could keep them, and chant for my desires! And my prayers would make the world a better place, and me happy, too.
DONE. I was hooked.
Kate and I became fast friends. We had our babies around the same time, First my son Aaron, then Kate and Hal's daughter Sarah, then my Ben. We vacationed together and raised our children together.
I would call her to get guidance about my challenges and she'd congratulate me for having these problems. She'd assure me that THESE problems were exactly what I needed to get me to the next level of my happiness. They were a benefit. 
Kate put my life in perspective by reminding me that I am a powerful Buddha, by winning in my life others could be inspired by my example and win in theirs. She taught me to turn poison into medicine. 
Basing her life on the Gosho by Nichiren Daishonin and the
words of Daisaku Ikeda she taught me victory:

She taught me to live a life of Victory. The key to Victory 
is making a strong determination to win over our 
Once we make a determination we may have doubts arise, 
but doubts are not real:
SHe said: 
You have to expect doubts to arrive in your mind. Now is the time to realize they are not real...they are only thoughts in your mind. They are not reality. They are just thoughts and you just pop them out with your prayer  ~ with your eye on the outcomedo battle in your mind and say No No No that is not my reality, that is not reality, that will not be my reality. 
These obstacles and doubts are NOT my reality, these negative thoughts are NOT my reality. Envision your outcome and say YES YES YES YES with each Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. And tell the Shoten Zenjin: YOU will get my have my back...what I perfect outcome...THAT is my reality and then you add to it: For the sake of all people, I will show actual proof! 

Kate says: Once we decide we will win no matter what
we need only to continue. 
We've already won. 
The battle is with the negative function within. 

All you need to do is make a fresh determination! Live with hope

One of my favorite quotes of Kate's is:

We Breathe Rarified AIR!
By chanting we can ROOT OUT the causes of our suffering!

Faith is Envisioning the outcome exactly as you want it to be as if there were no obstacles and then challenging the doubt in your mind with your Daimoku and send it like arrows through each obstacle, shooting them down as they arrive in your mind. 


Battling Depression:
In Kate's own battle over depression, she won by focusing on this thought while chanting: I don’t CARE how many times you rear your ugly head. Depression! I will defeat you. I will root the causes and effects of this depression straight out of my life….and she did just that. 

Based on her guidance I wrote this 
PowerPrayer to Defeat Despair:
Written by Jamie Lee Silver, from the blog

While chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I would focus on these thoughts and TELL my life who is BOSS:

No way Unhappiness! You will NOT WIN TODAY!
No way anxiety~I am the Buddha!
I don't CARE how many times I have to chant to defeat you. I WILL WIN! For Myself and for all! 
I am a noble, brilliant Buddha! 
I DEMAND a life free from sadness and fear! 
I root the karmic cause of my sadness and fear
right out of my life now!   
I DEMAND that my environment reflects who I really am, 
not my fears or doubts about who I am. 
I DEMAND that I have the courage 
to do Human Revolution 
and to FOREVER break 
those ties to my own unhappiness. 
I am determined to stop making causes that bring me pain! 
I am determined to make causes that bring me happiness! 
Not just for me, but for everyone!
I MUST succeed 
No matter what! 
I choose to be happy!
I choose happiness now! 

With every new obstacle think:  

"This is just another opportunity for your life to stand up and tell your fundamental darkness who is BOSS. This is just another WAVE, just another WAVE. You MUST stand up to it. You must chant with the conviction that there is no other way than your victory. You must summon that conviction from within your heart." 

Kate said: 
Chant for absolute and total conviction
 in your Buddha Nature
and know that you are changing karma 
for your self, 
for your family 
 for your descendants 
and for the world by this prayer

Pray that THIS Daimoku makes the difference!  
Pray that THIS PRAYER changes your karma forever.

Facing death, Kate said to me:

"NOW is the time to wake up to joy. 
Now, more than ever, 
SGI members need to summon joy, 
forget complaining about anything, 
and wear a radiant smile on our faces. 
She says our smiles must radiate so brightly 
that light comes out of our fingertips 
and we glow as beacons 
so people can learn of the mystic law, 
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo from us, 
and be moved to happiness 
just by being in our presence.
Kate said we must have Joy 
to show the possibilities of life...
not an afterthought, 
and it comes from our determination 
to summon it from within our lives 
and express it in our smiles, 
the pep in our step, 
and our lives themselves. 
We can do this! 
We can do this for ourselves, 
and by doing this we change the world." 

"Our smile is a cause, not an effect." we can't sit around waiting for joy to come into our lives. We must be joyful, and invite more. That's how it works! 

She said: "Joy's the leading edge. Wake up and be joyful, smile at the person next to you in bed, smile at the person next to you at the store, in the elevator, and at other drivers. BE Kosen rufu in action!" 

"It's gotta be real, but you can also fake it till you make it. Put that smile on your face and you will spark your happiness. Try to be sad with a huge grin. It doesn't work so well!

"We have to go deeper into our own lives, and into the Buddha we are every day. We've gotta do this NOW. This is it. This is our time. We're ALIVE! whether we are 17 or 95. Grab the moment for all it's got and say "I am creating the deepest value that's ever been created. NOW. Right this moment. There's no other moment. There's no other person. How are we influencing the person next to is our SMILE...beaming with joy...Joy!"

STOP complaining. NOW. It must be replaced, even if it's phony at first. It may feel phony but it will cause a shift inside your life.  And we have to keep going deeper and deeper into joy. There can't be a place at which we stop. we need constant movement...constantly going deeper." 

Thank you for a lifetime of WISDOM and DETERMINATION Kate. Thank you for showing us Buddhahood by example. Thank you for walking this world as a Buddha with strength and determination alongside your magnificent family, Hal and Sarah. Thank you for always leading the way. Thank you for your grace. And thank you for your poetry and for bringing us closer to Emma Dickinson. (She performed the one-woman-show The Belle of Amherst like none other)
Thank you for always leading with Daimoku and Shakubuku - the spirit and action to lead others. 

And, if we want to continue Kate's marvelous legacy, let's all be joyful right now! Beaming JOY from our fingertips!
Thank you Kate!  

One more note from Jamie: 
I know Kate's guidance lead me to a new status in my professional life.
I recently earned my Certification and Accreditation in Emotional Freedom Techniques through the largest accrediting body in the world, EFT International. I work with people worldwide via the internet. I get a thrill every session when someone comes in with a memory tied to sadness, guilt, shame, grief or some other emotion and leaves with peace of mind and a whole new outlook on life in only one session! Once we free up our emotions from a memory, we are left with wisdom. To find out more go to, or email me at

Monday, June 10, 2019

Turn EVERY Poison into Benefit!

Hello Friends! 
I'm in the Chicago Area to produce Ben's Memorial Mile and it's going to be better than ever. It's June 15th on the Outdoor Track of Downers Grove North High School in Downers Grove Illinois from 5:00-9:00pm. Join us! 

As many of you know, after almost three years of struggling with schizophrenia, my 22-year-old son Ben took his life in July of 2015. And I gave myself the task of turning poison into medicine. 

And if I can turn this poison into medicine - just THINK about how you can turn poison into medicine in your own life! Every pain, every suffering, every obstacle has a benefit when you chant in determination to turn poison into medicine. Also, along the way you come to appreciate your troubles. Every. Single. One. This is the way of the Buddha! The way to your happiness!

Every day since then I chant to have our pain turn into medicine to help all who are suffering, and to have Ben's short life make a difference! When he was alive he made a difference through his amazing talents - for running, songwriting, and being an all-around awesome (and genuinely funny) guy. 

Now attracts 500 people (and growing) for an evening of games, cheering our running friends on the outdoor track, eating great food, a bags tournament, games of tag, a choir from Ben's High School,  a dance lesson on the field, and so much more. We've raised over $50,000 for suicide prevention and Schizophrenia research. We want to make an even bigger impact this year. 

With the guidance of my sponsor in faith, Kate Randolph (whose Life Celebration I'll be attending and speaking at the San Fernando SGI Center on June 22nd), I kept "Digging Deeper" in my prayer. 

What does "Digging Deeper" mean? I chanted to discover this for myself. What could Kate mean? I chanted for an understanding. And as I chanted the real meaning of our eternal practice for absolute happiness for ourselves and others flowed into me. We are all eternal. Ben's eternal, so am I. My mission here on earth doesn't end when I die...
We are all eternal. So, I chanted to deepen my understanding of life itself. 

At the bottom of this prayer (and I'm still exploring it) is the deep prayer for kosen-rufu, a world of respect for all life. AND so is my personal happiness. We practice to be happy. Daisaku Ikeda says many times: The purpose of life is Happiness. 

So as I go about my week, with three evening fundraisers for Ben's Memorial Mile, a Proclamation by the Mayor, the cover story in the local newspaper...and Ben's Memorial Mile on Saturday, I am determined to cherish every moment with every person I'm with. I am advancing in Joy, in Happiness, with the Gohonzon and in faith. When we have the determination to turn poison into medicine and deepen our faith, all is possible! 
(I'm also giving two Grief Relief Workshops this week in the Chicago Area. So exciting!)