Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 Point Plan for Finding A JOB

I LOVE MY NEW JOB! I am doing so many things I love, public speaking, networking, meeting new people, making things happen!  I am working for a senior living community as their Senior Community Outreach Specialist. This community is dedicated to helping each senior live "Their BEST Life" in all ways. 
10 Point Plan for 
Finding a Job:
by Jamie Lee Silver from the blog

1. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of others, and  be the kind of person Daisaku Ikeda would respect. Be available when people want to chant or talk, to the best of your ability. Study every day. 

2. Chant for the total protection of the help you find the perfect job for kosen-rufu. 

3. Chant for the youth of the world.

4. Make your list of exactly what you want in your next job for kosen-rufu.

5. Beef up your Linkedin profile. (Professional networking site) 

6. Meet with people in your field to network and have specific questions to ask them. 

7. Apply for jobs you found interesting

8. If you find a job you like, see if you can talk to someone who works for that company through your professional network. 

9. Research the company through the web and through your professional network. 

10. Don't worry about anything - Just let it go. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

16 Tips and a PowerPrayer for Overcoming Despair!

You Can Do it!
16 Tips and a PowerPrayer for overcoming despair

It is possible to permanently change your basic state of life. I know. I did it. And I know countless other Buddhists  who have. Occasionally I may still feel sad. But I never, ever experience the sadness I used to live with most of my life. And I am not on any medication. (Not that you should just stop taking yours. Buddhism is common sense. Please chant for the wisdom to know what to do, and work with your medical practitioner if you are on medications)

Jamie’s 16 tips to rid your life of Despair:
by Jamie Lee Silver from

Tip #1
Chant as much as you can. 
Ask someone to chant with you!
Get support! 

Tip #2:
Study Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. 
There are a few quotes from the Gosho I've embedded in my life: 

"Suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy, and continue chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo no matter what happens...then you will experience boundless joy from the law."
From Happiness in This World, Writings of Nichiren Daishonin 

One of my favorite quotes from Daisaku Ikeda (from the book Learning from the writings. The Hope-Filled Teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. Page 277:

"Seen from the perspective of Buddhism, 
everything has profound meaning. 
There is no need whatsoever to vacillate 
between elation and despair at each turn of events. 
There is no such thing as a storm that will 
continue blowing and wreaking havoc without end. 
In the same way, 
there is no hardship that will continue forever. 
There are clear days and there are rainy days. 
If we are swayed by our environment, 
rejoicing one moment and despairing the next 
amid ever-changing circumstances, 
then we will not be able to accomplish 
a true revolution in our state of life.
The important thing 
is to always believe in the mystic law 
and to enter the powerful orbit of faith, 
practice and study. 
Entering the orbit - the orbit of human revolution 
and of changing our karma - 
is the way to construct a life of good fortune and happiness 
that will endure throughout eternity. 
No matter what happens, 
we will enjoy the unerring protection of the Gohonzon. 
Instead of drawing conclusions about the world of faith 
from a superficial viewpoint, 
we need to calmly discern 
the true reality and significance of things 
and keep pressing forward. 
With the passage of time, 
it will definitely become clear
 that everything has unfolded 
in the best possible manner." 
When I feel despair ~ I write. I write all the sadness out. Sometimes I write to my Mom who died several years ago. I just write what I am feeling and it makes me feel better. 

Tip #3:
I take plenty of Vitamin D. For me, sometimes I just need more Vitamin D. 
Also I drink a LOT of water! 

Tip #4:
Encourage someone else! Give a stranger a Nam-myoho-renge-kyo card. Talk to someone you know about past benefits you've had. Doing this will remind you of how you've broken through in the past, and you'll gain more hope for the present. 

Tip #5:
Take a bath with salt in it...the more salt the better! 

Tip #6: 
Clean your Butsudan and altar area. The altar in your home is a reflection of your own life. When you treat it with respect, your environment and all the people in it treat you with respect. If you do not yet have a Gohonzon you can still set up an altar where you chant with offerings to your life...fruit, water, a plant, candles, and incense if you like. 

Tip #7: 
Call a true friend. And if you don't have one, see the PowerPrayer for making friends. 
This is how I made so many friends. 

Tip #8: 
As soon as you can, get back in front of the altar to chant. And don't be afraid to cry in front of the Gohonzon or while you are chanting. heck, for the first couple of years I cried all the time when I chanted. It was as if my life had to release years and years of  emotion. 

Tip #9: 
Move your body. Go for a walk! Get your energy and your blood flowing! 

Tip #10:
Read the Gosho or President Ikeda's writings! When you read these things - read them with your life. Choose a phrase or a passage and chant to realize its deeper meaning with your life. Chant to share the heart of Daisaku Ikeda. He has a heart beating with the fervent drum of Kosen Rufu (World Peace and the happiness of all beings). 

Tip #11:
Write! I write everything. It helps to clear my mind. I write fresh determinations. I write letters to my loved ones...even the loved ones who are no longer here. I write poetry. 

Tip #12:
Change “Why me?” to “Yes me!”
Change what you are saying to yourself, and the questions you are asking yourself in your mind. If your constant refrain is "Why me? How can this be happening to me again?" it is important to change that thought. Replace it with a more positive thought. You choose that thought, you have the power to choose a better one! How about "Things are getting better and better for me, I just know it...sometimes it is hard to see, but I am definitely on my way!" or "Don't give up (insert your name) it's always darkest before the dawn!" 

Tip #13:
Breathe deeply. When we are feeling low we tend to breathe in a really shallow way, and it adds to our depression to breathe this way. Sit down and focus on your breathing. Fill your body with air. Picture that air as a bright light coming down from the top of your head...slowly moving down your body as your grey depressive mood seeps out your fingers and toes. Try this. It really does work! 

Tip #14:
Smile! Go look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Look in your eyes and smile. Did you know it is almost impossible to be depressed when you are smiling?

Tip #15: 
Look up! That's right, look up. Tony Robbins, the inspirational success coach and mentor says that looking down has been proven to actually bring people down, while looking up has the opposite effect. 

Tip #16:
PowerPrayer to Rid your Life of Despair 
When you are chanting - direct your thoughts in a positive prayer:
"Gohonzon (my life itself!) 
Now is the time for me to rise from these emotions 
so I can show actual proof of the power of this law. 
NOW is the time for me 
to vanquish these feelings of hopelessness. 
I will NO LONGER allow these feelings to run my life. 
I am a precious child of the Buddha, 
I will not stand for these feelings anymore. I
 vow to win in all aspects of my life. 
I vow to win!" 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Great Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

WHEN doing home visitation, one should behave with good sense. Even with close friends, courteous behavior is the first step to gaining understanding and trust.

WE must not try to make the merits and good fortune that we accumulate through our daimoku our own possession and keep them to ourselves. The unlimited merits of the Mystic Law transcend the narrow bounds of the self and spread out to encompass others and the entire universe. It is
important to use them in a way that benefits society.

HUMANITY cannot be manifested by merely flattering others or trying to gain popularity; rather it is determined by how much you have prayed for your juniors and how hard you have exerted yourself for their welfare. That earnestness emanates from you - and it is this which impresses and moves others. For profound faith is the essence of a person's humanity.

EVERYONE without exception seeks happiness and peace. One person may pursue "treasures of the storehouse", while another pursues "treasures of the body" such as status and wealth. But true happiness lies in accumulating "treasures of the heart". And the substance of the treasures of the heart is a great state of life totally dedicated to faith.

Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

PowerPrayer for Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

"THE times are changing ever more rapidly with each passing year. Darkness and confusion grow ever deeper. For that very reason, I hope you will all triumph with strong faith and resolute action. In accord with the Buddhist principle of "consistency from beginning to end", your victory will determine the victory for all future generations. This is the formula for winning in Buddhism. Now is the time for you to solidly secure the cause the victory in your own lives."
Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

We face many global challenges, politically, environmentally, the rise of Geoengineering and weather control, the economy, and the suffering in people's hearts. That's why we are here as Boddhisatvas of the Earth, awakened to our mission for kosen-rufu, chanting with all our hearts.  Roaaarrrrr!

This morning, with Ben still in the hospital, while chanting, I focused on alleviating the confusion in my own mind...and feeling the strength of the roaring Buddha that I am. I appreciate you all, and your daimoku for me and Ben more than you could possibly imagine. Yesterday he chanted with me until his voice began to give out. 

This is my crucial moment. This is a crucial moment for so many of us. And we have the mystic law! We have our Gohonzons! We have the power within us to change the course of history. We ARE the renaissance...the awakening...each one of us through our chanting every day! 

A reader wrote me asking how to overcome anxiety and depression. And even though I am facing a profound challenge, the depression and anxiety have NOT resurfaced in my life. I permanently alleviated them through using this power prayer:

(This comes directly to you through my dear friend Kate Randolph. It is the prayer she used to overcome depression, and I used it effectively myself. It works as long as you don’t give up. Every time your depression comes back make sure to look your depression in the eye and chant like this every time it comes back. 

You will WIN. Just don’t give up!) 

PowerPrayer to Alleviate Depression
by Jamie Lee Silver from

Hello, depression, 
Hello Fundamental Darkness! 
You Can't Fool Me! 
I recognize you for what you are
you are my fundamental darkness,
and I am done with you!

Depression, I see you for what you are! 
No way 
Not this time
not any more. 
I'm in charge now.
I take the power of my vitality back from you 
I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
and I am roaring like a lion.
I pull the karmic roots
of depression straight out of 
my body and life now.

No matter how long it takes, I will win.
I don't CARE how many times you come back into my life. I will vanquish you over and over until you are gone FOREVER!
I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!!!
I am determined to use 
overcoming this depression to
help countless others

PowerPrayer for Overcoming 
Fear and Worry (Anxiety)
By Jamie Lee Silver from

I am now determined to feel safe, and know peace of mind!
I call forth all of the full power of the my life itself 
with each Daimoku I chant.

I decide which thoughts get to live in my head, 
and choose thoughts that comfort me 
and bring me joy and fulfillment. 

Each breath 
and wave of Daimoku
brings me deep peace
                               in my body, 
                                              my mind,  
                                                         my heart
I am serene.
I am safe. 

I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
and I am purring like a contented, peaceful lion.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

PowerPrayer for Overcoming Everything!

We DO hold the entire universe in our hands, and in our bodies, our minds and our hearts. The key to our happiness, and the key to overcoming every obstacle is to challenge ourselves EVERY DAY, twice a day, to chant to bring that power forth in our lives. 

The PowerPrayer I am sharing with you today (below) is my fierce determination to turn all poison into medicine and win no matter what! 

As Daisaku Ikeda says in this month's Gosho study on page 24 of the April Living Buddhism:

"No Matter how great the adversity, we can always find a way to make it into an opportunity for our great human revolution; we can always use it to create value. This is the essense of human Revolution." 

PowerPrayer for Revealing 
Your Buddha Nature 
and Appreciating YourSELF
by Jamie Lee Silver from

"I chant to reveal the pure, sparkling Diamond
of resilience, strength, and wisdom
that lies within me. 
I chant to be more and more aware 
of how wonderful I am every single day. 
that every cause I make, 
at every single moment of every day 
is a great cause for my life, 
and all of life, 
and leads me to see more and more of my Buddha nature. 
I WIll WIN every challenge! 
I am the Buddha! 
Nothing can stop me! 
My Buddha Nature emerges 
and flows through me touching everyone I see. 
I am a sparkling Diamond! 
All day I choose kind words for myself and others
I praise myself with my every thought. 
I chant to believe in my own goodness 
and to see it revealed in my actions. 
I pray to realize my life as the Buddha I am.
I chant that those around me 
are inspired to begin chanting, 
or to strengthen their practice 
just by seeing my happiness flow. 
I chant to meet the people 
who are looking for the Mystic Law 
and to be able to help them practice.
Every moment I infuse with the Buddha I am! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When We Change the World Changes ~ PowerPrayer and Quote

It's Spring in Some Parts of the World! 

Yesterday I could FEEL your Daimoku for me and my son. Thank you so much. 

And I could feel the power of my own prayer, vow and determination. 
After I wrote yesterday's blog 
I chanted this 

Power Prayer to Love MySELF 
and Change the World!
By Jamie Lee Silver from 

By the power vested in me as a Votary of the lotus Sutra 
I hereby bring from within my life  
Extreme love of my life itself! 
I love myself more than I have ever loved myself.
I Glow! 
Let my light shine brighter 
and help more people every day! 
Make every moment of the day, 
every thought in my mind,  
every breath I breathe 
be a positive cause 
for my life and for everyone's life. 
I am living as the Buddha at each moment...
I AM the Buddha who lives with the desire for happiness for the whole world through happiness for herself. 
Shoten Zenjin! 
Protective Forces of the Universe
Come down from that Gohonzon
and come forth from within my life
root yourselves in this planet, 
in all of our lives, 
in all I touch
and in my son's mind, body and life.
Let me inspire people TODAY 
in the midst of my challenges! 
Through my challenges I will change the world! 


And what a fantastic day! I had lunch with a remarkable woman who is going to be my great friend and is coming to the Gosho Lecture at my house tomorrow. 
I spent time with a brilliant executive at my company. We had a deep dialogue that planted seeds for many new advances in my ability to help others through what I do. 

And I went to the hospital to see my son. 
He actually picked up the guitar and played one of his original compositions for me and another family. He has not played that song in over a year. 

As I was closing my eyes to sleep I could feel your Daimoku. I could feel it. And I appreciate all the  encouraging emails. Thank you so much. 

I am more determined than ever to defeat this devil of an illness and to help all the families who are being rocked to the core by it. I'm determined that my son live a valuable and happy life. And I am determined that YOU who are reading this blog WIN in all aspects of your life! 

In the April 4th World Tribune Guadalupe Calderon quoted President Ikeda's guidance on page B

"When we change, 
the world changes. 
The key to all change 
is in our inner transformation ~ 
a change in our hearts and minds. 
This is human revolution. 
We all have the power to change. 
When we realize this truth of life, 
we can bring forth that power anywhere, 
anytime and in any situation." 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Increasing the Power of our Prayer by 10,000X!

For You!

It is the start of a new week here in Chicago, Illinois. My son is once again in the hospital. I am very grateful to have connected with my new SGI friend in Los Angeles who's daughter went through a similar challenge. Her daughter is now happy and enjoying her life. I am praying every day for my son to live a happy life and to be totally protected in all areas of his life. 

How do we encourage people when we are going through our own challenges? My friend in LA began sharing this practice in the support groups she was attending even before her daughter started getting well. And she has been able to help so many people to have faith and begin this practice...and to change their lives. 

It all comes down to how much faith we have in the mystic law...and in our own lives. 

As I was chanting last night I wrote a power prayer for us all:

to Create Incredible Strength 
and Conviction in Our Prayer

Life! Gohonzon!
Right here ~ Right Now 
I am increasing the power of my prayer by 1000X!
I am sure, in this moment 
that I am tapping into the source 
of all the power in the universe 
through my own life itself.

I am determined to show actual proof and to overcome ____________so that I can encourage others!
I am so grateful to be able to feel and access this power!