Monday, October 21, 2019

One Key to chanting a "SOLID HOUR"

Here's my Fall altar 
My wonderful boyfriend Rocco brought me the big and small pumpkins, the flowers and the apples for my altar. So cool. After many years of chanting for love, 
 I am with a man who is honoring my life. 
That's actual proof, baby! 
Don't give up no matter what! 

I tried something new while chanting today, and it worked so well I just had to share it with you right away. 

We all know we want to chant as much daimoku as we can, and we also know that the quality, the concentration, the focus of our time in front of the Gohonzon - having a chat with the core of our life itself, is very important. 

And sometimes we get distracted. I know I'm not alone with the lure of the telephone constantly calling me. When I keep it beside me it's hard not to reach for it to see if anyone's reaching out to me for something important. 

But it is a major distraction for chanting. I sometimes keep it in the other room. But that's not easy either. 

Today, the first full day of my 35th year of practice, I determined to chant a SOLID HOUR of daimoku. That means, no getting up for any reason, no checking email, no checking Facebook, no looking away from the Gohonzon, but I can have sips of water or coffee. 

Not easy. But I did it. HOW? 

I set my clock on my phone to STOPWATCH, started the Stopwatch and turned the phone over. 
The stopwatch was running on the front of my phone, so I knew I wasn't going to check it for emails or Facebook. And when I did, just for a second, consider getting up to do something (turn off the air conditioning), I looked at the stopwatch and saw I'd chanted 37 minutes of absolutely uninterrupted, super-focused Daimoku, I turned my phone back over and kept chanting until I got to an hour. A SOLID HOUR of concentration! Woohoo! 

Of course, you don't have to chant for an hour, chant as long as you can, with focus, that's the important thing. 

So that's my hack for concentration for you today. 
I hope you have a great day and week!

For me, this week's focus is on continuing creating 
and welcoming people into my program 
"New you for a New Year!" 
Freedom from Emotional Eating 
through EFT Tapping Now. 
It consists of Buddhist principles, (One of my downloads is "Win in the Morning and You Win in Life!) and a series of modules, videos, downloads, live zoom calls, and for my VIP clients, private zoom calls. If you're interested in finding out more please send me an email at with two times you are available to talk via zoom or WhatsApp or phone. I'm on GMT-4, Eastern U.S. time. Cheers! 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

PowerPrayer to Break Through A WALL! Celebrating my 34th Gohonzon Birthday TODAY

Happy Fall!


Today is my 34th Gohonzon Birthday. I am entering my 35th year of practice thanks to Kate Randolph and many members who helped raise me as a Baby Buddha in San Francisco, California. 

I like to usher in my birthday with tons of Daimoku and determinations. 

I got back from an amazing trip to Kauai with my son Aaron a few weeks ago. While we were there, we chanted a solid hour almost every morning, and when I returned I kept that rhythm going, and have so many determinations to breakthrough. 

Have you ever been in a time when you're ready for a breakthrough, and the walls just seem to be up around you? 

That's how it's felt for me these past few months. My head seems, at times,  to be filled with doubt, confusion, and fear. 

Not a great place for a Buddha to be.

THAT is why we have Gohonzons! Time to really use it! 

So, last Thursday, with my Gohonzon Birthday coming up on Sunday I decided to chant three hours a day for 4 days. 

I'll be honest, it's not easy for me to chant three hours a day. No! 

But, somehow I've accomplished it. 
I thought I'd share with you some of the powerful prayers I used based on guidance from senior leaders and Sensei about breaking through

PowerPrayer to Break Through NOW! 
By Jamie Lee Silver

While chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, here are some of the determinations I'm chanting for:


I am ready for a breakthrough. 

(Here I tell the truth about what I'm facing. I converse with the Gohonzon (my highest self) while chanting. 

And I ask:

How is what I'm facing helping me to access my higher self? 

I now see myself clearly so I know what I need to change. And let me have the courage to make those changes now. Not later. Now in this prayer, in this moment and from now on. 

I'm determined to rid my life of doubt, fear, and confusion and create the courage I need to follow through with my dreams of:

(you fill in your dreams here:)

for Kosen Rufu! 

I now unleash the tremendous power of the Gohonzon within my life and all of life to make me achieve my goals and show actual proof of the power of my life, the power of the unlimited Gohonzon!

I'm chanting for the happiness of:

List all you're chanting for here:


THIS WEEK I will accomplish more than I have in a month!
I am now accessing the wisdom and right action, and FOLLOW THROUGH to make my goals happen. 

I am so grateful for my gifts and determination and smarts. 
May I use them for Kosen-Rufu now! 

Following Daisaku Ikeda's quote: 
End of Powerprayer! Have a great day everyone! 

Thank you, my friends! My deepest prayer is to attract my soulmate clients who will get the most from my teachings and have the fortune to pay for my services. 

Working together with me brings them tremendous benefit...way more than they could ever imagine and they each reach their goals happily and in perfect time. 

If you feel you may be one of these people, you may contact me through Please send two times we can talk together over WhatsApp, Zoom, or telephone and we'll set up a Discovery call to see if you're the right fit for my unique gifts to help people lose weight, end emotional eating, and use EFT and other tools to release the grip of stress and emotions for peace of mind. My services are paid, and this is not guidance. All my best to you!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

More Benefits from Chanting to Praise My Life! Check this out!

 I just have to report these wonderful benefits to you so you can have them yourselves!

You know I just came back from a week with my son Aaron, who is a resident doctor and strong Gakkai member in Phoenix, right? And on our trip, we chanted a solid hour of amazingly energetic Daimoku every day but one when we had to race out to catch the sun. 

On Wednesday the weather report said it would rain the rest of the week. And in my Daimoku I chanted "Oh NO! Not this week. It is not going to rain the rest of the week Aaron and I have in Kauai!" And, SURE ENOUGH, the week gave us perfect weather! 

But what I really want to tell you is how chanting to praise my life (and, of course, continuing with an energetic hour of Daimoku EVERY day this week) has affected my life. 

As many of you know, I have my own business where I help women blossom into self-love through EFT Tapping where they can lift the weight of the world off their shoulders so it can come off their bodies and they can get to their perfect weight and stay there FOREVER! Right now I'm launcing "New You for the New Year!" and there are still a few spaces available. 

I've been a bit bogged down with wording for my business. And I've had the kind of self-doubt that has plagued me my whole life, despite seeing evidence of my effective work with every one of my clients. Can you relate to that? 

But this week, chanting to praise my life elevated everything to an entirely different level! Suddenly, I was able to master what I needed to master in my own life and self-care in an effortless way. I walked every day, drank water, ate wonderful salads, AND felt APPRECIATION all day long. And ALL The words and energy I needed for my new program launched just exploded with certainty, energy and fun! How great is that! My confidence has soared and I'm easily attracting my soul tribe to work with me...the people I am most meant to help. 

SO...Chanting to praise my life 
gave me appreciation all day long! 

What does feeling appreciation all day long get you? EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED. 
Happiness inside your heart all day. 
Strength of body and mind and heart.
That singing feeling when you know you are just unstoppable. 

And it comes from your prayer. It came from my prayer to PRAISE MY LIFE because when we praise our lives, we praise ALL of life at the same time...everyone we meet...every car on the road...every cloud in the sky. 

GO for it, my friends!!! 

As always, sent with all my love! 

And, if you're interested in the work that I do, you can email me at with two times you're available to talk (I'm GMT-4, Eastern Time). Or join my new Facebook group 
EFT: Freedom from Emotional Eating 
for Weight Loss Now! 
where I'll be posting videos and tips, and all kinds of inspiring things regarding my weight loss program "New You for the New Year!" 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Praising Your Life through Chanting - Elevate your Life Condition and Vibration Now!

Greetings from Kauai!

While in Kauai last week, my son Aaron and I began almost every day with a strong hour of daimoku. Except for that one morning when we raced out to see Waimea Canyon before the clouds came in. That was another thrilling day! Our chanting kept our life conditions high. 

Sometimes, while on vacation you hit a low spot, a time of disagreement or some other malaise. This vacation had none of that because of our strong, united Daimoku. 

Coming back to Florida with a 6 hour time difference is another thing. And this morning I hit on the way to chant to bring me out of my doldrums of leaving Kauai and my brilliant, incredible son. 

THIS MORNING I chanted an hour of daimoku praising my life, and the time flew. As I was chanting, I praised my life as a Bodhisattva of the earth, as the beautiful being I am. (Trust me, I don't always feel this way, but I know what to do when I don't: chant!) 

Daisaku Ikeda talks about Praise in "To My American Friends, Collected U.S. Addresses. In the essay 'Leading a Sublime Life in Accord with the Gosho' page 431, he states:

"In ''Letter to Myomitsu Shonin," Nichiren Daishonin writes: "The more gold is heated in the flames, the brighter will be its color; the more a sword is whetted, the sharper it will become. And the more one praises the blessings of the Lotus Sutra, the more one's blessings will increase" (WND, 673)

So, praise, praise, praise! If it's been a while since you sat down and chanted in appreciation for your Gohonzon (your life!), give it a try and see how it elevates your life condition. 

We have this incredible Gohonzon and mentor. From him, and from Nichiren Daishonin we learn that we are inseparable from our environment. When we raise our life condition our environment changes. We can do this every day!

And I'm here to remind you that you are an incredible Bodhisattva of the earth. Every moment. Whether you feel good or not. Whether you feel strong or not. You're a Bodhisattva and you possess the tools to feel like one whenever you choose to use them: The Gohonzon and your Daimoku!

Of course, just having a Gohonzon isn't enough. We must chant to it to elevate our life condition and experience life as the Buddhas we ARE! 

Join me, and Aaron, as we chant an hour a day for the rest of the year. We have set goals and dreams in our end of year daimoku campaign. Join us! 

On another more personal note, in my business, I'm offering a "New Year, New You" program. If you're ready to launch your life, be healthier, free yourself from excess weight, stress or grief, chant and learn a new modality called EFT Tapping that produces profound results and frees you from core beliefs that you are still living with after chanting (as I was), come join me! Send me an email at and say you'd like an EMotional Freedom NOW Discovery session. Send me two times you're available to talk, and whether you'd like to talk via zoom, or by some other means. Together, we'll see if you are a candidate for this program. (It's entirely separate from the SGI. I'm a certified EFT Tapping Professional, It's a form of Energy Therapy where I teach you to free stuck emotions. It rocks!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Three Keys to Building Good Fortune and being the Buddha of Absolute Happiness

Hello, my friends. 

What does it mean to build a life of good fortune? 

Here I am living my dream in Florida. I'm enjoying my friends, the sunshine, my health and my profession that enables me to teach people a method of releasing their emotions so they can be happy. I am the Buddha of Absolute Happiness and you can be too! 

Sometimes I get the question "Is it ok to chant for money?" And the answer I have always heard as a 35 year practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism in the SGI is chant for exactly what you want. 
If you need money chant for money~! 

Note to my friends: if you are stuck in some area of your life, please get encouragement from your Soka Gakkai seniors in faith. They are there to help you. They will chant with you and bear your burdens with you. The SGI is truly a noble organization I am proud to be part of. 

(I get guidance requests from time to time, but going to your own senior leaders is the best way to build good fortune in your life, grow as a human being and do your Human Revolution. I do not give guidance in the SGI. I do have a private practice as a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques professional which is separate and apart from my Gakkai Activities. It is an energy healing modality that has had a profound effect on my life and is now greatly helping the people I serve through this work. You can email me at TapforHappiness if you are interested in learning more about this Energy Psychology modality which has been called The Fourth Wave of Psychotherapy) 

If you need a job, chant for the BEST job for Kosen Rufu, where you can be the happiest, and make your life shine as a beacon for other's happiness.

You deserve to have what you need. There are many, many examples of people chanting for money and getting it.  

AND underlying the need for money, there is a deeper and more exciting benefit that we can access within our lives. We can access and build TRUE FORTUNE in our lives.  

What is FORTUNE? How do we build it for ourselves?

No matter what our levels of fortune may be before we begin practicing Buddhism, once we begin chanting the name of the Law of Cause and Effect, the Mystic Law itself, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, our lives begin to move in the direction of fortune. 

With each day of chanting, studying, encouraging others and introducing people to this practice our fortune grows and grows.

Fortune :

Daisaku Ikeda states: 
"Governments come and go, 
economies rise and fall, 
and society changes constantly. 
Only the good fortune 
we accumulate during our lives 
lasts forever. 
True victors are those 
who cultivate the tree of Buddhahood 
in the vast earth of their lives 
while achieving success 
both in society and in their personal lives 
through true faith and a true way of living. 
(Faith in Action page 110)

18 Types of Fortune 
By Jamie Lee Silver from 

Fortune is being in rhythm so that we KNOW what to do, and have the spirit, conviction and courage to make the best possible causes at all times. 

Fortune is being in the right place at the right time. 

Fortune is happiness and the ability to overcome any suffering and turn poison into medicine through chanting strong daimoku and taking the wise action that arises through our prayer. 

Fortune is strength and resiliency. 

Fortune is getting a call from an associate about a job opportunity that is perfect for you. 

Fortune is having the courage and wisdom to say what must be said and do what must be done at the crucial moment. 

Fortune is always having what you need when you need it. 

Fortune is having the time to chant to our heart's content and encourage others, too. 

Fortune is doing our human revolution and joining harmoniously with our fellow SGI members creating a new family for us all. 

Fortune is being born at the same time as Daisaku Ikeda and engraving the mentor disciple relationship into our lives so that it is a living, powerful source of energy and wisdom in our lives.  

Fortune is finding solace and peace even when we have lost a loved one. 

Fortune is experiencing the true depth of friendship... knowing how to be a friend, attracting, keeping and appreciating quality people in our lives.  

Fortune is experiencing how to love and be loved in return. 

Fortune is friendship.

Fortune is health. 

Fortune is the ability to laugh.  

Fortune is the ability to sit in front of our Gohonzons and carry out a meaningful dialogue within our own lives that makes the impossible possible,and brings happiness to ourselves and our families, friends and world.

Fortune is being accident free.

There is much more to fortune.
You can add to this list...send me your ideas of fortune at 

How do we build fortune for ourselves?

1. First we must build a strong practice.  
The more "work" we put into building our practice...the less "work" we have to put into our lives...the less struggling we have to do. We can use all the resources at our disposal to CREATE the discipline to be able to chant twice a day every day and participate in activities. Focusing our prayer on others is a powerful way to build a strong practice. Yes, it's great to chant for ourselves, and we need to do that, but chanting for others has a profound effect on their lives, and ours. Chanting, and uniting with others is the foundation of our faith. 

Being a part of the SGI is crucial. Go to to learn more.  

Having a seeking mind to understand how and why the Mystic law has such a profound effect on our lives is important. Studying our SGI publications is important. Reading the Gosho of Nichiren Daishonin is important! We call this having a seeking spirit. You can  find what is holding you back in your own nature. We all have a fatal flaw...something we can't see. We gain the most when we chant to see our OWN flaws...and chant to change them!

Fortune Comes from Having the spirit and the prayer: 

"I will WIN because my life is important. I will use my life as a shining example that this practice works!! My winning will be a real "win/win" because I will inspire others to the greatness of their own lives! And I will help them bring out the Buddhahood in their own lives by introducing them to chanting! I will win for kosen-rufu. I will win over my own negativity. I will absolutely do this!" 

2. Determine and believe we DESERVE what we want fuels our fortune. Every action we take all day long is a cause for our happiness. What do we want? Why do we want it? What can we do to fuel that desire? 
Remember the Buddhist concept Hon Nim Myo - "from this moment forth". Every time we chant we begin life anew. From this moment forth I will win. From this moment forth is EVERY MOMENT. We have the power to change. NOW. We chant the MYSTIC LAW underlying all of life. Wow. We are filled with fortune!

3. Chant for what we want, and Chant for STRENGTH of practice and strength of mind and heart! If we want money, we chant for money. If we want to NEVER WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN - we chant with this in mind. If we want a job we chant for it. The world is OURS. We chant for exactly what we want!

What does fortune mean for you? Write to me at with your experiences and comments! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The 8 Keys for Making Your Dreams Come True!

Emotional Freedom Feels Like THIS! 

Hello my Buddha-Full friends! Thank you for your notes of thanks! Thank you for letting me know that my words on this blog are inspiring you. Thank you for sharing this lifetime with me, sharing your heart and your determinations. 

As a matter of fact, if you have a fresh determination towards your life send me an email at and I'll share it on the blog. 

This is the perfect time for fresh determinations. September, time for new beginnings is almost upon us. 

Because of this practice, and basing my life every single day on Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I've successfully launched my new life as a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. 

After many months of chanting to MASTER EFT, guided by the best (and most difficult) instructers in the world, and becoming a member of the two most respected organizations dedicated to EFT in the World, I have won! 

I am naturally attracting the people I am meant to serve through my work!

When I am serving my clients in an EFT session (whether in person or via ZOOM worldwide - how I love the power of the internet!) 

I see the relief in their eyes in each moment. With every session, I see and feel the weight of the world being taken off their shoulders. 

Those wonderful women who've come to me for weight loss are losing weight. 

Those lovely souls who've come to me for stress relief are walking lighter, smiling more, and not getting upset as often. 

And those who've come for grief relief are forgiving themselves, and the loved ones they grieve. EFT is such a great tool for forgiveness. 

And, when appropriate, we end our sessions with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

I wake up every morning filled with gratitude towards the Gohonzon (my life). I joyfully participate in SGI activities. 

I do shakubuku every single day. I have another friend almost ready to receive her Gohonzon. 

I know where my inner fire comes from and how to flame it. With fresh determination! Every morning. 

My New Determination:

I'm determined to continue to excel in my work, and to earn way more than I need to survive so I can continue to fund the Kosen-rufu movement to the best of my ability! 

I'm determined to be visible to the people who need me be on Facebook...doing public speaking...being at networking that those who need my services can easily find me, know that I'm the right guide for them, and start receiving the emotional freedom I offer through my work. 

I always wanted to be a therapist, but I think this is so much more fun. I'm not a therapist. As a Certified EFT Professional, I'm a guide to teaching people to release emotions that are no longer serving people. 

It's a new profession. And my practice brought me here. 

Thank you, Gohonzon! Thank you Nichiren Daishonin! 

Thank you, Daisaku Ikeda and Tsunesaburu Makiguchi and Josei Toda. 
Without you, I never would have found out about this practice. 

And Thank you Kate Randolph, my dear, dear friend and mentor. Throughout my life I will continue to shine in reflection of YOU, and all the good your eternal life brings.

Being an entrepreneur was a dream of mine my entire life. And here I am. 

Whatever you are dreaming, you know what to do: 

Dream Success Formula: 
1. Chant every day morning and evening.
2. TAKE ACTION stemming from that Daimoku.  
3. Don't complain. 
4. Make a fresh determination! 
5. Seek guidance from your senior leaders, and chant to be able to hear and receive the guidance before you go.  
6. Do shakubuku whenever you can. 
7. Chant for your fellow members, the youth, the planet, and your family!
8. Study the words of Nichiren Daishonin and Daisaku Ikeda with all your heart! 

That's a formula for success! 

Monday, August 5, 2019

How to get Back on Track in Daimoku and Really Connect to Our Prayer

I spoke with a member today who had a great question. 

She asked: "Jamie, do you feel like it's gotten harder to concentrate these days while chanting? I used to be able to really focus and now, with all the news and everything that's going on, it feels harder and harder to chant."

And I said, Yes, I know just what you're talking about! But there's hope. Here's what I do when I'm feeling scattered in front of the Gohonzon. First of all, I take my phone and put it in the other room. I don't use it to time my chanting. I use a clock. I get that phone out of my space. 

And, start in small increments. Say to yourself "I'm going to chant 5 minutes of absolutely uninterrupted daimoku. I'm not going to get up for water, I'm not going to use the bathroom, or check Facebook. No. For this 5 minutes, I will be glued to the Gohonzon! And when I do that 5 minutes I go for another, and another, and then I can reach my goals. Start small. And go for it! 

I told her about the umpteen BILLIONS OF BUDDHAS who are joining us when we chant. The first prayer I have in the morning is to greet those Buddhas with my life, Buddha to Buddha. It feels so good. 

And refresh your goals. It always helps. 

Let's get our MOJO back. For ourselves. For the Youth. For the world! Peace!