Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Morning!

I hope you greet the day with a smile on your face and determination in your heart! 

When you win in the morning you win in life! 

I know some of you are not reading this in the morning, but I hope you take this to heart for your next morning!

I hope every morning - to the best of your ability - that you have a chanting goal! 

I chant every morning for an hour. Of course there are some exceptions. Yesterday I was out of the house by 5:30, so I only did gongyo, and chanted more at night. 

This is a practice for our entire lives. Each day we do the best that we can. 

And we need to be aware that every morning we are focusing the energy of our lives through our prayers  !

Sometimes I plan ahead for what I'll be chanting about. Sometimes I don't. Today I have an outside Health Fair that my students are attending. We have a table and they will be doing health education and screenings. And it looks like rain! So I chanted for this to be meaningful for them no matter what the weather. I chanted for two family members. 

And most of all I chanted to bring the power forth from within my channel my energy for good and to make a difference with my life this very day. 

There's a Buddhist District Meeting tonight at my house! Rock on - I chanted for everyone who is here  tonight to have a breakthrough in their lives. 

I know you each have your own wonderful prayers. I do not share my prayers with you in order to tell you what to do. I share these prayers in order to inspire YOU to pray with all of your heart and all of your love and all of your passion!!!

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