Monday, February 20, 2017

When It's Really Hard to Chant ~ Some Strategies

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Ok, we all know we need to chant every day - twice a day, to keep our life condition elevated and our motors powered up and moving. 
But what about the days when we sit down to chant and feel like we have a mountain of resistance in the way, and suddenly we have to pop up to do something...then we get distracted by Facebook (I promise this has never happened to me :) ) or we just can't sit still? 

This morning I knew I had the time...I knew I had the determination...and Ugh, it felt so hard. 
So I thought about all of you, and I wondered 
"How can I solve this today so I can tell the readers of something useful? How can I be an example?" 

So, I stood up and shook my hands out and danced around the room for awhile to get the energy flowing. I just let my hands shake, and breathed deeply to get the energy flowing. Then I made sure I had water and tea, and ... drumroll...I put the phone where I could not touch it, and I turned the ringer off. 

I opened my favorite quote book by Daisaku Ikeda and read: 
"What kinds of causes am I making right now?" "What actions am I taking?" The answers to these questions are what will determine our future ~ in this life and throughout the three existences. Herein lies the foundation of faith. True glory and victory in life lie in basing oneself on this fundamental principle. 
(10/25/96) From Faith Into Action page 89, by Daisaku Ikeda


Then I sat down in front of my altar, wrote out a fresh determination for the day, and YES, my hour of daimoku sailed by. Sometimes it's easier than we think. 

I hope that helps. 

All my best to you!


  1. Thank you. My hours of daimoku usually stumble by.

  2. Sometime I get nothing from Chanting very hard and yes I have had days that its been very hard to chant at all. And I have ask for the negative to go and it goes I truly love that.

  3. Yes...this strategy seems interesting!! It happens to mw as well sometimes it's so hard to gather the courage and energy to chant....

  4. Hi Jaime,
    How are you? I'mean very happy to read a post about motivation and chanting. This hit the spot!

    I have talked to you previously through email about different things. Including increasing daimoku.
    The tip about using quotes from sensei is excellent. You chose a great quote !

    I had success using chant buddies (I person once a week or more often and our encouragement ).

    I also personally will do 15 minutes before gongyo and 15 minutes before the silent prayers.

    Thank you again for your encouragement. It's a pleasure to read your blog. Keep it up !!

    Barbara in France

  5. Keeping a diary to write down what ever tasks come to mind, while chanting is also one way to continue to sit and chant.
    Talking to my mind....telling it to chill till my Daimoko is over has helped me loads.

  6. I quite get carried away in the thoughts of my children but then remembering why i am chanting helps focus back on it

  7. Jamie, thank you I have always been a slow chanter but now I chant much faster and I now feel the power within I am so amaze.