Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Cool Experience in Faith ~ From a High Schooler in India

Here's an unedited experience from a reader in India. 
Thank you!

I would like to share my experience of my life after entering to this divine practice.Myself Shreya from India has been into this practice from last one yr.
I was introduced to this practice from my relative in June 1st 2012.She has been into this practice since 6yrs. Initially i started with the practice then bagged faith in it and now iam doing study to know more about this practice as this is a vast sea of knowledge and Wisdom .Iam of a student of Xth .I do attend SGI meetings whenever i get tyme. As this is my last year of high schooling, my aim is to do well in my exams with a high score to get a best colleges in town.I have full faith on my practice that i can achieve success with my utmost efforts.In my home my dad is also into this practice and my sis.
Through this Nichiren Buddhism we saw so many miracles in our lives.I wanna share one of those experiences i.e this year my dad went through bad health karma and had to undergo two surgeries at a tyme. At home it was a tense environment that how would we handle this situation as we didnt had enough funds in our reserves because a month before my sis got married and the expenses were been encountered for her marriage. On May 17th the operation took place and it was successful to some the major aspect was the expenses of the hospital bills as we need to pay it through cash and the bill amount was upto 1.5 lakhs INR , my brother had a health insurance through his company wherein the expenses of the family member can be borne offf...But the hospital authorities didn't accept sayng that this particular insuarance doesn't account in their netwrk. We were totally upset how to find a solution for this. But i didn't loose hope , i chanted as much as i can and had full faith on my Diamoku that i will find a way ....All of a sudden i got a call from my bro that they accepted the Insurance and the expenses are been taken care from their company and a small amount had to be paid from our end , i was really surprised by this Mystic law of chanting and things get solved, At present the medicines are still in continuation and i know my dad would come out with his health karmas through this devine practice to the earliest.. Now my only aim is to Shokubuku others by sharing my experiences through this practice and my strongest belief on my" Kosen Rufu".

I strongly believe on these lines that transforming our life through Nichiren Buddhism is a process .It doesn't happen overnite. It is a struggle..It starts from our own Human Revolution..Iam also inspired with the blogs and power prayers you post...My heartfelt thanks for  the good works you have carried on for these many years for the betterment of the human revolution.    

By sharing this true experience i guess people who are disheartened and lost hope in lyfe would indulge themselves in making their practice much stronger and carve themselves to attain the victory through their "Lotus Sutra".This practice has changed my inner revolution and made me stronger in each phase of my lyfe and help me to move forward.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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  1. Hi.. I am himani from India too.. I am also in this philosophy from last 1 year.. Earlier i have witnessed many victories.. But last few months it seems like nothing is working in my favour.. I am feeling so low in my life.. Even thinked for suicide.. Please guide me for betterment.. I will be really thankful.