Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Our "Buddha Nature?" How Does Revealing it Help Our Lives?

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Unlimited compassion!

On page 79 of The Heart of the Lotus Sutra, Daisaku Ikeda translates a passage from our daily practice of reciting from the Lotus Sutra and says 
"This passage explains the expansive powers of the Buddha. That is, it describes the wonderful state of life that those who embrace the Gohonzon can develop." 
..."Here Shakyamuni identifies "immeasurable [compassion]," unlimited [eloquence],""power, "fearlessness" and so on as attributed of the Buddha's state of life. To put it simply the Buddha has infinite concern for the people (immeasurable [compassion], can freely expound the teachings through words (unlimited [eloquence]), has penetrating insight into life and the power to discern the causes of people's unhappiness (power) and has the courage to fully articulate the truth (fearlessness)." (p. 80)

How can this we use our own Buddha wisdom in our daily lives? I can tell you a little about how I use it. I just got a job working for a senior living community that has people living on its campus, and also has various services it offers to the residents of the surrounding towns. Right now I am meeting with seniors and officials to discover what we can do to help more people, and uncover more needs and ways to reach those who may need us and other services. I am chanting to help seniors live their best lives, and finding ways to make it happen. My sincere wish is their safety and to remove their sufferings and frustrations. I feel as if these communities are now a part of my Buddhist district and am chanting for them too. 
In order to fulfill this job/mission I must have compassion/eloquence/power/concentration and emancipation. I must be the Buddha every single moment. So as I am chanting every morning for an hour, I am bringing my full Buddhahood to the surface and chanting for wisdom, eloquence and to take the right action. 
In the next few weeks I'll be giving presentations in front of hundred of seniors and I am determined to make each moment count. 
As a Buddha, I know I can focus my daimoku on this great mission, while embodying my mission as a District leader and continuing to chant for every reader of this blog. I'm a Buddha. We are all Buddhas. Through persevering every day we all bring forth the wisdom of the Buddha - our own power, spirit, compassion, will and perseverance. How great is this way of life. How fulfilling. How fun!

Please send me your victories. I and the rest of the readers, are waiting to hear YOUR victories! chantforhappiness@gmail.com 

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