Friday, April 15, 2016

3 Ways to Show Actual Proof with Determined Action

My son Ben on the podium at the Illinois State Track Meet in 2011. Ben's on the left. He came from behind after being injured and joined the other elite runners - where he belonged. He was a Champion in life and is a Champion in eternity. 

On June 11th, we are producing an event to bring the community together, have fun in his memory, and raise funds to help find a cure for Schizophrenia (a disease he got just 3 years ago). 

I have a vow as a Buddha to show actual proof through my own life, and to inspire others that anything is possible. Many of us have taken this vow. When things are hardest, it is our vow that carries us through. 

These last few months the committee for Ben's Memorial Mile, honoring my son, Benjamin Lee Silver, who died last summer, has been working very hard. Together we came up with the concept, the races, the location, the insurance, press releases, website, and all promotional pieces. 

This week I'm being interviewed by the press all week, and today I have a photo shoot. We're going to pose with the many articles published about Ben's champion years of running at Downers Grove North High School. 

And how do we keep moving forward showing actual proof even when we are in such painful situations. how do we take determined actions, even though our eyes are filled with tears? 

I think of the song we sang as YWDs - 

"I'll do my best 
to write a brand new story with my life, 
although the pages may be stained with tears. 
And when I rest, 
if they say there was glory in my life 
it's because I asked this question, 
over and over I asked this question every day, 
through all my years...
What can I do to change the world 
to make it better than before?"

3 ways to show actual proof with determined action:

1. Chant strongly with no distractions every morning and evening. Put away that pesky cell phone. Really. I know how hard it is. But you owe yourself this time. Think to yourself "This is MY time" and put it away. 

2. Make your list of what you want. Then Just chant! Don't worry so much about how or what you are praying. read the Gosho. Chant from your heart. The wisdom will come to you. 

3. Don't give up. Keep taking resolute and determined effort. When I was putting together all the flyers, posters and letters for Ben's Memorial Mile there were days I couldn't face it...days I had to put it aside. Then the next day I woke up and tackled it. Just keep going. Do not give up!  Whatever you are can win! 


  1. Hats off to you. Thanks a lot for your spirit and this blog

  2. well done after winter there is always spring