Saturday, April 9, 2016

Go Bernie Go! A Once-in-a-Lifetime Choice

Just a reminder that this blog, which will have been running seven years this July, is not an official SGI publication. It is written by me, Jamie Lee Silver, a member of the Soka Gakkai for 31 years, and  comes from my heart for world peace, for happiness, and for kosen-rufu, a world of respect for all of life. As such, I can confidently and enthusiastically say that I stand behind Bernie Sanders for President 100%. This is my personal endorsement and does not represent the SGI as a whole. 

Bernie is the first candidate in my lifetime who does not accept big money, he cannot be bought. He has been consistently saying the same message, his message of peace and equality, justice and opportunity for all people his entire life. 

Bernie is Jewish, and has said his spirituality is "We're all in this together." He is a uniter to the core. He resonates with Buddhist thought. And you've probably heard that he's been asked to speak at the Vatican next week. That should be very interesting indeed. No American Presidential candidate, that I can recall, has ever been invited to speak at the Vatican. Why should I, as a Buddhist care about this? I care because the Pope is a thought leader. I don't agree with everything Pope Francis says, but I respect his more progressive views.  

Here's an article about the accomplishments Bernie has made in his life in public service:

And of course, the major media of America is run by the same corporations that have been backing Hillary Clinton and many of the republicans all along. Big money. Corporate interests. I watched the first democratic debate, where the CNN live polling online clearly showed Bernie won by 85%. In the moments that followed, on live TV, they announced Hillary the clear winner, and deleted the online poll. Why? Because CNN is owned by Times Warner, which was her seventh largest financial contributor. Bernie says repeatedly "The system is rigged." Right. But the power of the people is stronger. 

But we knew this going in. Now, Independent media is stepping in where corporate media has failed us: 

I just read an article I share with you here:

Power to the people. Bernie has awakened the people. He has awakened our hopes for a better society. His rallies, though largely unreported by the media, draw tens of thousands. He has won 7 of the last 8 primaries, and he has momentum. (And the 8th, in Arizona, is under scrutiny for being rigged) He came from 50 points behind to be neck in neck with the Hillary Clinton. With virtually no television press. 

Bernie's support comes from the millenials, who use the internet to do their research, backing him. And many of us, of all ages, are supporting him financially. 

The power of the people is the most important power of all. 

In his 2003 Peace Proposal presented to the United nations, Daisaku Ikeda writes: 

"We cannot remain passive in the face of the severity of the reality that confronts us. Rather, we should open ourselves to the limitless power that is created when awakened people unite and act together. It is in proving this truth that humanity in the twenty-first century can fulfill its mission."

I believe, under Bernie's leadership, and with the backing and action of the American people, we CAN come together and unite to make a better world. 

Daisaku Ikeda also states: 

"When human beings live together, conflict is inevitable. War is not. “We are in conflict” can be interpreted to mean “we share a problem.” A shared problem can best be met and resolved through shared efforts. Rather than facing off in confrontation, we should turn together to face our common future, united in a shared commitment to the flourishing of youth."

Daisaku Ikeda,


  1. I am a Bernie fan myself...even intend to write him in after Dems nominate Hillary, who is status quo at best. The nomination is rigged, however, just like Bernie said.

  2. Beautiful Jamie .. So much information .