Saturday, October 17, 2009

Winning in the Morning means you win ALL DAY!

Amazing day!
This morning I was fighting my own sadness and negativity big time...I mean...I really hate this rainy gets inside my bones and my emotions...and I literally cried through the first hour and a half of my two hours of chanting. Really. I took a brief inspiration break and read from the book ~ Lectures on "On Attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime" by Daisaku Ikeda. I read: "We should above all strive to SUMMON FORTH COURAGEOUS FAITH to overcome illusion without being defeated..." and I sat back down and pictured myself in the last leg of one of Aaron or Ben's races and as I was chanting I said to my life:

"I don't care how many times I feel hopeless...I don't care how many times I feel defeated...I KNOW these feelings are not the true me! I KNOW that I am the Buddha, and I will continue to SUMMON my faith until I no longer have doubts...until I no longer feel this intense sadness...I AM DETERMINED TO BRING FORTH MY OWN BUDDHA NATURE>>>>I AM THE BUDDHA!!! I am determined to see the results of this prayer in my day today...I am determined to WIN over my own negativity!!!!"

And by the time I got to my first event of the day I was sailing!!! It was a collaborative event that I had arranged between my company and our most important partner...and the presentation was terrific and spawned a series of other cool collaborative events that will benefit many people and take place over the next year! We gave birth to some cool stuff!

Then I stopped into a store for lunch and found out something I bought had gone on sale and they gave me a $60 refund! Perfect timing...chanting puts you in rhythm....

After that I attended a networking event sponsored by my university. We did speed networking with students talking about our careers, and sharing our experiences with them. It was awesome...and I came away with the determination to put together a program like this at my son's high school. I know exactly the steps to take to accomplish this. I am passionate about people doing what they love, and helping teenagers research their futures by meeting people in business...forming connections and learning about different fields. Woohoo!!

Then I picked up my Mom and we went to the Cross Country Banquet and a party after that. I just got home. (It's about 1:30am my time...pretty late for this early riser!) I'll save that story for another post! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo...tomorrow is conference for our runners! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!!!

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