Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiburon and Marin

I am writing this post from Amy and Ian's gorgeous Apple computer. I can't wait until I have an Apple myself...then an ipad (maybe) and an iphone (when Sprint allows). Great stuff!
Yesterday we spent the morning in San Anselmo and the afternoon in Tiburon. Tiburon has always been one of my favorite places to see the Bay Area from the water. We hung out at Sam's (where else?) and managed to keep the huge seagulls from stealing our food. We were all generations, young to older. What a blast. They say I brought the sunshine when I came! I say, "Oh Mannnn...I deserve this!"
Chanting away...and today meeting with my first Chapter leader in the SGI. She and I grew so much together as Buddhists. I watched her go from a nurse to the CEO of the largest hospital in the Bay Area...and she saw me start my family and grow as a person. I love reunions! I love my life!

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