Friday, March 12, 2010

Totally Magical!!!

I am writing this from the most adorable little loft in Soquel California just outside of Santa Cruz! I bought a new little tiny computer just so I could write blogs while I'm here!
Landing in SF was an emotional experience...I was flooded with thoughts of how happy I always was to return to the Bay Area when I lived here from 1983-1998...the green hills (in March of course...later they will turn brown)...the ocean...the mountains...the lights twinkling on all the hills.
I had a great flight with a wonderful seat companion. He was my son's age. We talked about all kinds of things...his coool Apple computer and iphone...and the fascinating work his parents do. I started to realize that this trip is going to open me up to possibilities I haven't dreamed of. Here I am...returning to my Buddhist roots in creative San Francisco. What will I dream of for my one precious life. Everything is open to me now. I begin again! I soar!

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