Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beginning Chanting

Does is matter how you sit when you chant? 

First of all, there are no "rules" to how to sit. You do not have to cross your legs or sit on the floor or kneel in any kind of uncomfortable position. I do recommend that you keep your back straight so you can feel the energy flowing through your body. Many times when I chant I am focusing and feeling the energy flowing up from my root chakra, and I can feel the power of nam Myoho Renge Kyo in my body. That's not something that's prescribed by anyone ~ I just like it. If you never feel the energy it DOES NOT mean you are chanting WRONG! So don't worry about that. 

Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is supposed to sound like horses running...it is supposed to have energy and drive. I usually chant pretty fast, but there are times I slow it down as well. It's important when we all chant together to match each other's rhythm and harmonize together. That's what makes it so beautiful. In the Patch article there was a video of me chanting. I'll see if I can either put that video on this blog or make a new one. 

And of course, the most important thing is what you are thinking when you are chanting. At first, you are probably just concentrating on the words, but after you get the words to flow let your mind flow to your desires....ALL your desires...don't hold back. You deserve to be happy...you deserve to let your desires flow....

And most of all...coming to SGI District meetings is the absolute best way to practice. You make friends, learn about the practice and strengthen your practice, your prayer and your FAITH. Faith in this practice means expectation...you KNOW that you will either achieve what you are chanting for...or something much better! THAT is faith!!!

Every Wednesday night we have a meeting at my house in Downers Grove Illinois! Join us! Send me a comment if you need directions! 

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  1. Hello,

    I am chanting now for over 5 months.. but instead of improving, my life is all shattered down. I have lost my dearest love.. He refused to maary me and gone away. I cry for him day and night and long for his coming back.

    Please tell what should I do. I feel very hopeless and broken. I want my love back in my life. Due to my busy life, I cannot chant much.. sometimes I can chant for only 10-15 minutes but I do Gongyo regularly.

    Please help..