Friday, April 22, 2011

Incredible Benefit...the most authentic happiness ever!

We have had an amazing benefit here for our family...something some might call a "miracle", but I know it had a profound cause...chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

My husband has been separated from his father since he was five years old. We had one picture of his father (Eli) holding him and laughing with him when he was just an infant. I could see so much love in that photo...and warmth. No one knew where Eli was...but there were rumors that he was in Australia.

I had a picture of Eli on my altar for many years. I chanted for them to be reunited, and to have a relationship. I looked at my beautiful children and thought how sad it was that Eli did not know his grandchildren, and I kept chanting. For many years I saw no result...but I just kept chanting.

A few years ago Eli was found in Australia.

Yesterday, on my first son's 21st birthday, Eli arrived in Chicago to stay with us for a long weekend.

Amazing actual proof.

Just looking at him, his grandsons, and his mind blowing.
He looks just like them...of course!

Whatever you are chanting not give up!!!!

Daimoku WORKS absolutely!!!!

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