Friday, January 25, 2013

Attack Doubt with the fierceness of the Lion you are!

Doubt is part of life. It is normal. It is one of the functions of the innate darkness of life. 

What do we do with it? How can we harness our power so doubt does not stop us? 

What if the first thing you think the minute you sit down to chant is "This will never work, I don't even know why I am spending my time chanting?" 

That's doubt. 

Please remember to see doubt for what it really is: an obstacle and a tool for you to strengthen your practice - for us to all strengthen our lives and our resolve! 

When you see it in your prayer don't feel bad, don't feel angry and don't think "I must be doing something wrong!" Attack the doubt with Daimoku. Say "I KNOW you for what you are and I'm NOT afraid of you! I vanquish you from my thoughts!" 

Yesterday I talked with Kate...I told her there are so many options ahead of do I choose which way to go? I know many of you have felt this way, as well. 

Kate is a living example of the power of this practice. A few years back she was in the same place I am now...many options...and chanting each day with solid resolve. 

Yesterday she gave me some words which may help you too:

Kate said every morning she chanted and told the Shoten Zenjin (protective forces of the universe) to arise and have her back at every moment. She chanted to bring forth the full power of the Gohonzon and see kosen Rufu in this world in her lifetime, and to have her every action bring forth Kosen Rufu in the land. Then she went about her day taking the action that occurred to her at the time, and didn't spend too much time strategizing. She just took action and trusted that somehow the pieces of her life would come together in a meaningful way for her to earn money doing what she loves. Yesterday she told me she had over $3,000 in checks in the mailbox for the great work she is doing, and enjoying right now. She is not worried at all about the future and she's in the total flow of life. Business is coming to her...which was her determination. She said chant to be confident. Yes. 

She really inspired me. Today I woke up and rewrote my vision for my life. Now I go to chant, and later I'll spend more time on my vision and taking action. 

It's a snowy and treacherous day in Chicago. My friend called me at 7:30 and said her car had spun out three times just going a few miles. She turned around and went home. I am grateful that I am here, in my cozy apartment with time to write and time to chant! 

We had an amazing SGI meeting here Wednesday with 20 people - more than half of them were youths. I hope you are all part of this incredible group of people dedicated to changing the world through individual happiness and transformation! Fortune is overflowing in my life. I wish the same for all of you! 

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  1. Wopw so beautiful the words you wrote a while back...just found this site and enjoyed it....Jamie thankyou
    Doubt.....We could doubt the fear!phyllis from Kent UK I love Chicago in the sunshine...and I'm sure your heart brings sun in snowy weather.