Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 Point Plan for Finding A JOB

I LOVE MY NEW JOB! I am doing so many things I love, public speaking, networking, meeting new people, making things happen!  I am working for a senior living community as their Senior Community Outreach Specialist. This community is dedicated to helping each senior live "Their BEST Life" in all ways. 
10 Point Plan for 
Finding a Job:
by Jamie Lee Silver from the blog

1. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of others, and  be the kind of person Daisaku Ikeda would respect. Be available when people want to chant or talk, to the best of your ability. Study every day. 

2. Chant for the total protection of the help you find the perfect job for kosen-rufu. 

3. Chant for the youth of the world.

4. Make your list of exactly what you want in your next job for kosen-rufu.

5. Beef up your Linkedin profile. (Professional networking site) 

6. Meet with people in your field to network and have specific questions to ask them. 

7. Apply for jobs you found interesting

8. If you find a job you like, see if you can talk to someone who works for that company through your professional network. 

9. Research the company through the web and through your professional network. 

10. Don't worry about anything - Just let it go. 

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