Monday, April 14, 2014

PowerPrayer for Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

"THE times are changing ever more rapidly with each passing year. Darkness and confusion grow ever deeper. For that very reason, I hope you will all triumph with strong faith and resolute action. In accord with the Buddhist principle of "consistency from beginning to end", your victory will determine the victory for all future generations. This is the formula for winning in Buddhism. Now is the time for you to solidly secure the cause the victory in your own lives."
Daily Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

We face many global challenges, politically, environmentally, the rise of Geoengineering and weather control, the economy, and the suffering in people's hearts. That's why we are here as Boddhisatvas of the Earth, awakened to our mission for kosen-rufu, chanting with all our hearts.  Roaaarrrrr!

This morning, with Ben still in the hospital, while chanting, I focused on alleviating the confusion in my own mind...and feeling the strength of the roaring Buddha that I am. I appreciate you all, and your daimoku for me and Ben more than you could possibly imagine. Yesterday he chanted with me until his voice began to give out. 

This is my crucial moment. This is a crucial moment for so many of us. And we have the mystic law! We have our Gohonzons! We have the power within us to change the course of history. We ARE the renaissance...the awakening...each one of us through our chanting every day! 

A reader wrote me asking how to overcome anxiety and depression. And even though I am facing a profound challenge, the depression and anxiety have NOT resurfaced in my life. I permanently alleviated them through using this power prayer:

(This comes directly to you through my dear friend Kate Randolph. It is the prayer she used to overcome depression, and I used it effectively myself. It works as long as you don’t give up. Every time your depression comes back make sure to look your depression in the eye and chant like this every time it comes back. 

You will WIN. Just don’t give up!) 

PowerPrayer to Alleviate Depression
by Jamie Lee Silver from

Hello, depression, 
Hello Fundamental Darkness! 
You Can't Fool Me! 
I recognize you for what you are
you are my fundamental darkness,
and I am done with you!

Depression, I see you for what you are! 
No way 
Not this time
not any more. 
I'm in charge now.
I take the power of my vitality back from you 
I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
and I am roaring like a lion.
I pull the karmic roots
of depression straight out of 
my body and life now.

No matter how long it takes, I will win.
I don't CARE how many times you come back into my life. I will vanquish you over and over until you are gone FOREVER!
I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!!!
I am determined to use 
overcoming this depression to
help countless others

PowerPrayer for Overcoming 
Fear and Worry (Anxiety)
By Jamie Lee Silver from

I am now determined to feel safe, and know peace of mind!
I call forth all of the full power of the my life itself 
with each Daimoku I chant.

I decide which thoughts get to live in my head, 
and choose thoughts that comfort me 
and bring me joy and fulfillment. 

Each breath 
and wave of Daimoku
brings me deep peace
                               in my body, 
                                              my mind,  
                                                         my heart
I am serene.
I am safe. 

I AM Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
and I am purring like a contented, peaceful lion.

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