Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We are ALL Changing the Face of Aging!

Today I'm giving my speech "Goddesses Never Age" based on Christiane Northrup MD's book of the same name, and my own research. 

It is all about how our thoughts WORDS and deeds determine how we "move through time" (Not AGE!) 

She says what we consider "aging" is actually the effect of the lack of resistance to gravity. In other words, we can NOT decline as we advance through time  -  if we continue to move our bodies, expand our minds, redefine our language, and keep our social structures strong by having positive tribes of friends around us. 

This applies to men as well as women! 

We need to redefine aging...and stop thinking we are declining. Doesn't this accord perfectly with the wisdom of Buddhism. Hon-nim-myo! From this moment forth life begins! We must reprogram ourselves to thrive and advance joyfully through time! 

We need to look forward to our lives and have the same outlook centenarians (who are growing at the rate of 70,000 a year in the states) have - they are future oriented, they are rebels, and they stand up for themselves! They savor life. Theres a new department of "savoring" at Loyola University in Chicago. I'm going to look into that! 

Science is backing up the idea that finding pleasure and joy in life can actually override our genes. (And they've already found that how we age is only 25% genes and 75% lifestyle.) And we can even override that 25% based on the findings of the new study of Epigenetics. There is so much to learn and report! 

Check this out! 
There's a woman named Barbara Beskind, who, at the age of 93, wrote an introductory letter to the Silicon Valley company IDEO (which designs products for older adults.) She told them "I have never stopped learning. I have been an inventor my whole life, and now I have more wisdom than ever, and I AM your target market. You should hire me." 
And they DID. At 93! She has low vision and takes the train and a bus from her retirement community. She loves her job and her colleagues love her!

We must always have something to look forward to. Life is getting better - not declining. It's up to us! 

Christiane suggests we should not tell our age. And, if asked, we can either say "My biological age is 35 and getting younger, and my wisdom age is about 300!" or say "I'm in my ageless years." Aren't both of those responses wonderful! 

And as always, I prepare for this speech as I do for every Buddhist meeting I have ever held or attended...I chant for every single person to be forever changed in a positive way...for EACH person to leave permanently refreshed, exuberant and enlivened...with new tools to enhance their outlooks! Yes! 

I could go on and on,  but I have a speech to give! More later! Have a great day! 


  1. Awesome article. I am 62 and feel like I am just now sprouting/growing in my life. I have certainly raised my life condition. Consider, I recently began my practice (on my third year now), retired from a very stressful job...and now am polishing all facets of my life...mentally, spiritually and physically. Kosen-rufu is now the goal...must introduce this practice to one more person this summer.

  2. I think this is very true, Jamie. My father, mathematician Oliver Atkin (wikipedia "A.O.L. Atkin") was a great example of not aging. He was writing papers with younger colleagues till his last days. He looked much younger than his biological age. He never stopped working, or being involved in life.