Saturday, February 13, 2016

3 Steps to Communicating with Your Eternal Loved Ones

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This blog is about is about the power each one of us has to be happy, and to make the world a happy place, full of respect for all of life. This form of Buddhism is absolutely unique. It's based on the Lotus Sutra by Shakyamuni Buddha, and the letters of Nichiren Daishonin.  When we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo we aim our lives in the direction of our own happiness. Do not take my word for it. Try it. Chant every day, morning and evening for at least 100 days. Go to SGI meetings (see the link to the right), study the Gosho. And KNOW that when you chant, you are chanting TO your life itself...not to a God...TO your life! 

This blog post is written in response to a previous post. It is not about Buddhism per se. However, according to Buddhism, life is eternal. So what I write here makes sense. 

A few weeks ago I shared that when I write to my son Ben - who is no longer here in his physical body, but is here as his eternal soul - when I write to him I keep the pen on the paper and he writes back to me. 
You asked me to explain how I write to Ben 
and have him write back to me - here is how it's done! 

3 Steps to Communicating with Your Eternal Loved Ones ~ 
By Jamie Lee Silver Please reference this blog while sharing

Writing to your loved one and having them write back though your own hand is natural.

It doesn't take psychic ability. 
It takes the belief that it is possible, 
and the willingness to give it a try. 

I believe life is eternal. Our loved ones are not "gone," even if physically, yes, they are no longer with us. And we can form a new relationship with them right now. 

Step One:

Choose a free flowing pen, and smooth paper. You want to let your hand flow. 

Step Two:

Write a heart felt letter to your loved one. Use your favorite nicknames for them. Pour your heart out. Write your beautiful words. Let your pen flow. 

Right after Ben passed, I wrote several poems to him before asking him to write me back. 

Step Three:

When you are feeling ready, write a note to your loved one and add a request for him/her to write back to you.  

At the end of my letter to Ben I write a request like this: 
And what words do you have for your loving mom today my sweet, sweet boy?

And keep your pen on the paper as you listen...
The first time I did this I wrote circles with my pen for a few moments...then I heard words and started writing. 

Now, even as I am writing to Ben I start hearing his voice flowing into my head from somewhere behind my left ear. 

It's as if these words are flowing into my brain and straight down into my arm... and my pen is writing and writing - I just let it flow and enjoy the process.  

Sometimes he writes for a long time...sometimes he doesn't. I don't worry either way. He is always there when I write. He will always write back to me...even if I'm really tired. Then he wishes me sweet dreams and says let's talk more tomorrow. 

I can even hear his tone of voice. When it's really peppy, I write "peppy voice" so I remember his tone. 

And how do I know it's his voice? Can I prove it. Yes. To myself. I know. And when I read his words over later. I know for sure. When you try it you'll see what I mean. 

If you are interested - give it a try. You can write to anyone this way...and get a response. Questions? Write me at 

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