Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life is a Grand Adventure! Any Readers in Florida?

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You are reading - a blog written by a 30 year Nichiren Buddhist and Soka Gakkai, SGI, member...a blog to inspire all who read it that ANYTHING is possible, and that, NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances, we can turn poison into medicine, and do more than overcome our challenges...we can turn them into BENEFITS by chanting the name of the rhythm of life itself...Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!

I am here in Key West Florida, on an adventure of my new life. This morning I reread the post from July 5th, the day that my old life ended, and this new one began...the day that my sweet boy, my Benjamin Lee Silver, my son of 22 years, began his new journey of eternal life. And I am here, living my life with him eternally, loving, enjoying, spreading my light, and his light far and wide, and bringing love everywhere I go. Now I am in the sunshine of Key West Florida, making new friends, dancing and basking in the sun. 
Here is the post from July 5th if you'd like to read it. The messages at the end, the comments from they touch my heart!

I am determined to show proof of this practice through my life, through my writings back and forth with my eternal Ben, through all that is possible by chanting! 

Yesterday, in Key West, I met new friends dancing and listening to a talented singer. We were in an outdoor restaurant, and I noticed a woman watching from the sidewalk. I invited her to join us, and she said "No, I can't, I'm the singer's mother and I will embarrass him." I said "My son died this summer! You must come join us right now!" And she did! We all danced together, took pictures, toasted to mother and son, and enjoyed the rest of his show! 

We are all Buddhas! We can bring forth our true Buddha Nature by chanting these profound words, this profound vibration. 
From "Lectures On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime, by Daisaku Ikeda, page 62:

"It is the heart that is important. (WND-1, pg 1000) 
writes Nichiren Daishonin. 
Our heart, our mind, is truly wondrous and unfathomable. We can expand and deepen the inner realms of our spirit infinitely and boundlessly. (infinitely and boundlessly!! jls)

Like the elation of soaring freely 
through the vast blue heavens, 
the heart can feel immense and untrammeled joy. 
Like the clear, bright sunshine illuminating all things, 
the heart can embrace those who are suffering 
with warmth and compassion. 
And like a lion of justice, 
the heart can also at times 
tremble with righteous anger and defeat evil. 
Indeed, our heart or mind is constantly changing, 
like scenes in a drama or like and unfolding panorama. 
And nothing is more wondrous 
than its ability to manifest the world of Buddhahood. 
Even people weighed down by delusion and suffering 
can bring forth in the depths of their lives 
the state of Buddhahood that is one with the universe. 
This momentous drama of transformation 
is the greatest of all wonders." 

I am in Florida! Write me at if you are anywhere in Florida and want to chant together! 

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