Monday, July 11, 2016

Prayer is the Way to Destroy All Fear!

"Prayer is the way to destroy all fear. 
It is the way to banish sorrow, 
the way to light a torch of hope. 
It is the revolution 
that rewrites the scenario of our destiny."

Daisaku Ikeda, December 3, 2004 World Tribune, Page 8

Here I am on St. Pete Beach in Florida waking up to the sound of the waves every single day! 
This week I am chanting three hours a day towards every door opening in my life...

And look at all the doors that have opened so far. 

My two closest SGI friends came over to chant with me on Saturday morning and I'm going to the study meeting tomorrow night. Everything is so exciting, and I am keeping the fear at bay by chanting enough daimoku to feel as if I am riding on a pillow of daimoku. My life is working out perfectly. Over the past few days I've been facing the anniversaries of Ben's becoming eternal, and all the events surrounding that. And I am sailing through it all...every once in a while the sweetness of the life we had will bring tears to my eyes, and I just take a few moments to cry...write...chant, and move on. 

My life right now is just so exciting. I'm exploring the nooks and crannies of the beach, of St. Petersburg, of this area. I've already made a bunch of friends and look forward to making more. I've watched every sunset. And I'm walking miles and miles each day and falling back in love with being in this body. The last few years were difficult. Now is my time! 

I'm chanting:

Gohonzon! Life!
Bring all the energy of the universe through me right now! 
I chant to banish all dark energy and fill every cell in my body with Bonten, Taishaku and Hachiman...and the gods of the sun and the moon...and for all SGI members (and everyone in the world) to be filled with positive energy. I'm chanting to radiate forth all the love and peace and good will this world so badly needs, and to attract all good positive opportunities my way!

I'm chanting for you to realize this power in your lives too! 


  1. oh my dear friend in life....I am so happy with have moved on so much since I have been reading your blogs...some have vastly helped me to transform some of my issues. Being very brief my daughter married in May beautiful wonderful....However, what a loss, I have been with my grandson for 12 years thursday and fridays. A commitment I adored with all my heart and her house I used to stay there on thursday night, I even had a counselling room there!!! What attachment...I have found it was a big attachment and delusion I am turning around with would know of pain and I haven't lost anyone, but it seems so, it seems so.this Gohonzon of mine keeps me going into a new path in my life, opening up to new times..! i travel a fair bit. NOW I have booked time in India for january in Kerala and returning later in the spring to work voluntarily for a month in schools...I hope!
    Reading you today after not seeing you for a while is awe inspiring..I feel your heart transforming NMRK and love to you.

  2. Dear Jamie,
    Do continue to stay positive. The happiness that is exuding from the depth of your life despite adversities in life is none other than the state of Buddhahood itself! You are doing a great job encouraging people who read your blog. Keep up the great work -- the Buddha's work. :)

  3. I love this post !!! Im going to live with "my life right now is just so exciting" in mind these days !

  4. Thank you my Myoho sister for your up lifting blog. Iam so happy to have your chant for happiness and your encouraging words and sharing ing your trials and tribulations.Sealing the fact I am never alone in mine.Iam so happy for your new life and no longer jealous of it. You and my daimoku has freed me by helping me to get out of my way with with with my self defeated 69 years of.thank you for showing me how to love myself.....,and I now know we are never to old"to change "poison to medicine "NMRK NMRK NMRK to you and your family and everyone in and around your environment.Cleo