Saturday, July 15, 2017

Every Day is New Year's Day!

Every single day we get the chance to remake our how far we've come, and make a fresh step towards our dreams. Our term "Hon-nin-myo" means "from this moment forth." The past does not matter. What matters is this moment. 
Our failures...the things we regret...none of this matters at this very moment. What matters is our determination. 
My friend in faith Amos used to say: 
"How many times do you get to make a new determination? How many times do you get to not live up to that determination, and to remake it the next day? An infinite amount of times! Just keep making that determination every day, chanting about it, and not giving up! That's where your power lies!" 
WE are the Buddha. We embody Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. It is our life...and everything else. Nothing is NOT Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Our sincere prayer to raise our life conditions, strengthen our lives, shakubuku others, work for kosen-rufu and be the absolute proof that this practice works bring US happiness, and makes the world a better place. 

This week was a blast for me. I did a ton of networking...meeting new people...doing shakubuku. My prayers come true every day. I chant to change myself...and see the truth at every moment....and to enjoy my life! 

"Hon-nin-myo" is a profound part of the teachings of this practice. Every moment begins anew. Our past brought us to where we are but does not determine the future. 

I just passed a milestone, as I mentioned. I passed the second anniversary of the "death" of my son Ben. I put "death" in quotes because I don't like the word. BEN didn't die. His body died. But he is very much alive in spirit. He and I converse every day, or whenever I want to talk with him, he's there, ready to talk with me. 

This Tuesday will be the first "From Grief to Relief" workshop I've given. I hope to do many more because I know I have something to teach that can bring people comfort. The workshop will be very interactive. 
Everyone will share about the main person they are grieving. And everyone will process the pain, the guilt, the sadness using EFT techniques, and then we'll move on to the writing section. It will be so much fun. We'll also chant for each person as I introduce the Buddhist concepts that allow me to be open to the eternity of life. 

I'm preparing for this the same way I prepare for every Buddhist chanting for each person. Each person will experience permanent change. They'll leave with tools to use. And, they will have the opportunity to choose to work with me one-on-one at a later date if they desire. 

New Year's Day. This week I began a new exercise routine, a new visualization exercise, and I started doing Dahn yoga again at home. This week was my New Year's Eve. Any day can be New Year's Ever for us. ANY DAY. It doesn't have to be a milestone. All it takes is a fresh determination! Do you want to start something anew? Go for it. Happy New Years. Every single day! 

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  1. Soo beautiful,so simply stated,love ur thoughts,a great inspirator