Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Victory for Sam! Taking Action!

Sam has been chanting for only two months and has had many obstacles. And NOW, through perseverance and Daimoku, Sam is about to be the first person from her family to enter college! She is on her way to fulfilling her dream of being a prosthetics professional.

When Sam starting chanting changes came swiftly - and they didn't look like they were good changes. She went through a break-up and lost her job. I told her these were benefits, and not to give up! And over time, they've shown that they were the steps her life had to take to get to the next level.  

And here she is! She took all the required tests...and she's starting college in a few weeks. 

Remember, I almost didn't shakubuku her. She was our server at a restaurant down the block. I thought, "Oh, she's way too pretty and lively to need this practice." And that's total bunk of course. No matter how pretty, how rich, how anything we are, we can all benefit from the mystic law, we ARE they mystic law. 

So don't hold back. Carry those Nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards around and give them out! Just as I have changed Sam's life, she has changed mine. I have chanted a ton for her, and I love her so dearly. 
When we shakubuku someone they shakubuku us right back! The youth of our age are starving for Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! Don't hold back!

And giving my "Go From Grief to Relief" workshop last night was fascinating, fulfilling, poignant, touching. Each person connected with their loved one in spirit, and received a letter from them, through their own hand. It was amazing. And it's still sinking in. I'm reading their testimonials about how this workshop touched their lives, and I'm thinking "How can I do this again and again!" My prayer for each one of them was realized last night, and will keep revealing itself in their lives. 

This morning I took time to let the emotion of last night wash over me. I took it easy. I looked at pictures of my boy and I basked in appreciation that he came to me, and we shared those 22 years together. 
Poison into medicine. 
Regret into appreciation. 
There it is. 

Here's our message:
Keep chanting and taking action!

Action! GO for it. 
Go Buddha Go! 
Never give up

Note to readers: I was just going through some comments on the blog, and there were several questions and requests for guidance. If you want guidance please go to your local leaders, It will be much better for you. If you have questions please email me at

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