Monday, July 10, 2017

Having our Daimoku be Stronger Than Our Fears

I know it's been a long, ling time since I last wrote. During this time I produced Ben's Memorial Mile in Chicago,  and moved from a furnished studio to a large unfurnished one-bedroom here in St. Pete Beach. 

I am so grateful that my son Aaron was here to help. He helped me decide on this beautiful place right here overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and brought me to all kinds of places to buy the things I needed...a bed...table and chairs...a couch. It was great to have him here. 

Now he's back in Phoenix doing all sorts of YMD activities and I'm her on my Lanai watching the storm roll in. 

Lately I've been focusing on seeing the truth in my life...seeing who I flaws...and the tendencies that serve, and don't serve me. I'm looking for a job and getting read to restart my career as a Life-Cycle Celebrant. And, in the meantime, my phone and my computer are acting up. Yikes!

I've been challenging myself to chant three hours in a row at least once a week. This Saturday I accomplished that goal.  

Many of you write to me and tell me you're looking for a job, and ask me how to chant. I can share my experiences with you but I can't tell you how to chant. Please see your local leaders for encouragement. :) 
But I can tell you how I am chanting to break through. 

My determination is to use my favorite talents...all of make the biggest difference I do kosen-rufu in every possible way and to touch as many people with my positive energy and make the money I need to make. Somehow, with my prayers to the Gohonzon, all this will come to pass. I'm chanting every morning and evening, reading the Gosho every day, shakubukuing everyone I meet, handing out Nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards and encouraging others. 

I am chanting to have my daimoku overcome my fear. Just like you. And I'm chanting for youth! I've overcome so much since I began this blog. Now it's time for another breakthrough. Cheers to you!


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Like All of us you will. Remember never give up!

  2. SGI member in Phoenix is encouraged by your bloh