Saturday, May 11, 2013

Receiving Your Gohonzon

How do you receive a Gohonzon?

The Gohonzon (scroll we face when we chant) is the reflection of the "Gohonzon" that exists within your very life itself. It as a depiction of the highest possible life condition of happiness, strength and fulfillment. It represents the world of Buddhahood...the highest life consition possible. 

You can't buy it. 

It is bestowed upon you for your life by the Soka Gakkai. 

I can't speak for how it works in other countries, but I can tell you how you get a Gohonzon here in America. 

First of all you begin practicing and you go to meetings regularly. You begin learning Gongyo (the recitation of the Lotus Sutra we recite every morning and evening). And you chant as much as you can. 

Then you decide where you will put your "home within your home". You choose a wall with no window over it, or too close to it. You make sure nothing is above the Gohonzon. You get a Butsudan (box or "house" for your Gohonzon"). You can get this at the local SGI Buddhist Center or at You can also search for one on the web, or you may find a local member who will sell or give you theirs when they upgrade. 

Then you prepare your altar area with fruit, a plant or greens if you wish, and my favorite thing: a bell. I love the sound of the bell.

You fill out your application, get it signed and pay a nominal fee. 

The day you get your Gohonzon will forever be a significant date for you. Every year on the anniversary of that date I chant for as long as I like and rewrite my goals and determinations and honor my life! I usually connect with my mentors in faith on that day too. 

You receive your Gohonzon in a ceremony at a meeting, then  soon after that have an enshrinement ceremony at your home. 

You can make it a party if you wish! It is a glorious day! 

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