Saturday, May 11, 2013

Relationships ~ A Simple Solution...

One of the things it is sometimes difficult to grasp about this practice is JUST HOW SIMPLE IT IS. It just seems too easy sometimes...
How can it be that if we just chant for another's happiness we find our entire relationship with them transformed?

Like I said. It is so simple. We are interconnected with everything...including ALL people. No exceptions. There is not this one person in your environment who is there by some fluke, and is not interconnected with you in the web of life. No. Even those people who seem like flukes ~ well, they may be the MOST important people in our environments, because chanting for THEM creates Human Revolution in OUR lives. 

It's easy to chant for the lovable ones. What about the ones who don't readily love us back? What about the ones who disregard us, disappoint us, or are mean to us? We are connected to these people too, and when we chant for their happiness we create a miraculous cause and effect in our own lives. 

For instance, when Aaron was in third grade he encountered his first bully. Since he's a fortune baby and been chanting his whole life, when I told him to chant for the bully he immediately started chanting for the bully's happiness. Of course they became friends and the bully stopped bullying others, right? Of course. 
We are chanting the name of the law of the universe. 
Life is cause and effect. 

I have other young friends who chanted about bullies and the bullies just "happened" to move away. That happened to me in my early days of chanting. I worked with someone who troubled me. I chanted for her happiness and she got engaged and moved away. Wonderful! 

When you think about it, those who are causing others to be unhappy are unhappy themselves. 

If we chant for their happiness we turn poison into medicine. I have done this so many times, and recommended this to others. 
It ALWAYS works 100% of the time. 

One of the keys is to fake it till you make it. At first when you're chanting for a person you may be thinking your prayer is not sincere. But if you keep praying for them, and picture them with a big smile on their face, your prayer will become sincere. Guaranteed. And your compassion will grow. you will grow as a person by chanting for this person. YOU will become happier. No doubt about it. 

Sometimes you have to stand up for your rights too. I am not saying all you need to do is chant. At one point I had a verbally abusive boss. I devoted an hour each morning to changing this karma in my life forever. And I stood up to him and challenged his abusive ways. He did end up changing. It is one of my most memorable examples of turning poison into medicine. 

When we challenge ourselves in these ways we change the world, we change ourselves, and we become happier than we ever dreamed! 

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