Thursday, August 20, 2015

Inspiring Guest Blog Post from Simran Kalsi

Hello fellow comrades!! 
For me chanting twice daily was a big challenge. I am in this wonderful practice from past almost four years now. Initially I would just chant for 5 minutes twice a day, daily. But then as faith deepened i challenged myself and today i can easily chant for 1 hour daily. Yes sometimes we feel that the circumstances are harsh but hey! We do not stop taking our meals and drinking water when we are in hot we? So why faith should suffer? In fact difficulties are like the fuel which  propel us to move forward.
The more sugar we put in our coffee, the sweeter it becomes. Similarly the more effort we put in deepening our faith by chanting more and more, the greater are the benefits that follow.
Whenever i feel lazy, i tell myself..NO! These devilish forces (which is our own lesser state of life) cannot stop me from changing my karma. I am the master! I am the director of my movie(my life) and the crowd watching the movie being shot can yell as much as they like or they may try to distract me from making this beautiful movie. I will NOT stop! I will not pay heed to these voices as this is my own fundamental darkness. I will win!!! I am the Sun!!
No suffering, be it death (i lost my dearest mom to cancer last month) can discourage me or stop me from achieving my goal!! If these are the challenges which i need to face to come out shining like a diamond then" LIFE!! BRING IT ON!!" I am the master!!
Once you speak to yourself like this every time you feel lazy or low then you will surely know what to do next. And that is sit and speak to your life for one hour..twice..daily. !
As they say "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." You need to do this to feel it yourself!! Go lions!!! Roar!!
Nam myoho renge kyo
- simran kalsi(New Delhi, india)


  1. This is such wonderful encouragement! I will WIN!! I am the SUN! Thank you!!