Monday, August 3, 2015

Introducing Others to the Mystic Law = Changing Our Karma

The Chicago SGI Center!

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I have always been told (and have seen with my own eyes) that the fastest way to change our own karma is to do Shakubuku! On Sunday, I joined with my fellow Buddhists and at Kosen-Rufu Gongyo...

What could be better than joining our fellow Bodhisattvas once a month for encouragement from each other, and encouragement from our leaders and mentors? 

I know the purpose of each Kosen Rufu Gongyo (on the first Sunday of the month) is for each of us to feel refreshed and more determined than ever to create the changes we want in our lives and in society. And I feel so refreshed and appreciative to our SGI, our Soka Gakkai and organization of lay Buddhists. 

Yesterday Danny Nagashima, and all the major leaders from the Chicago area and more were there. I wrote out a thank you note to Danny for the beautiful orchid plant he sent me, and to Linda Johnson for coming to my home to encourage me. 

At the end, the last song was playing and everyone had their arms around each other singing. Danny was at the end of the aisle so I ran up and put my arm around him and he put his arm around me and we sang together. He made a spot next for me to sit next to him for final sansho, just before sansho, Ethan Gelbaum, the Chicago Center Central figure (sorry I may not have that title correct) reminded Danny I'd just lost my son. 

Danny held my hand during sansho, and afterward I showed him the picture of Ben with the poems (I'll post this for you) and reminded him he'd met Ben many times, including when Ben was a baby and we practiced together in San Francisco. He told me Ben would be reborn soon with full life force. 

Seriously, we DO have the most wonderful SGI organization - because it is filled with people who have warm hearts who are changing the world. 

If you are reading this and you have not yet met the SGI, I urge you to do so. You can use the link to the right to find your local organization. I promise you they will welcome you with open arms!

My biggest realization during the meeting was that I need to focus even more intently on introducing people to this practice. This morning, and every morning,  I'm chanting to meet people who are seeking happiness, and seeking this practice. Look at me. I looked for this practice for 25 years. I knew it had to exist. There are countless others seeking. 
I am chanting to meet seeking people in person and through this blog. Please share this blog...share whatever has touched you here...and together we will change the world. 

Every seed we plant is important. Tell people about the power of the Mystic law! Have them say Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with you. We are the Soka Gakkai Buddhists! We have a great mission! 


  1. Great to have this free uplifting and challenging Blog to read and use to encourage others with!
    In our present world HAPPINESS and PEACE are the most important ingredients we all need in our lives! Let us continue to SHARE LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS!

  2. Fab. Thank you Jamie

  3. Thanks a lot Jamie, for the wonderful encouragement... Geetha from India.