Thursday, December 31, 2015

3 Perfect Ways to Set Goals - not Scary at ALL!

Written words have power. Many books have been written about the power of writing goals. I write my goals and determinations every day...and chant to change my life from the root out the karma I don't like, and replace it with better karma. And with each Nam-myoho-renge-kyo I chant, I vow to become even wiser, and make better causes each and every day towards my own happiness, and a happier world for all. Kosen-rufu! 

Here are some cool ideas for setting goals - try these:

Goal Setting Technique Number 1

Set "FEELING" Goals. 

You don't have to spell everything out. You don't have to be able to predict the future...all you have to do is make a determination to create a new feeling. Now, I don't mean that if something is bad, you should just "poof" feel better about it. No, that's not what I mean. But you can have a goal like this: 
"By March I will feel better about my finances, I will feel I am on more solid footing and I will feel more secure." Then chant about it. You can do this about anything you want to change. The person who introduced this to me is Nick Ortner who wrote the book The Tapping Solution. 

Goal setting technique Number 2

Write a narrative about how things will be when your goal comes true. 

I love setting goals this way. You can choose whatever you wish. Here are some examples for you:

 "Life! Gohonzon! I now live in a sunny climate with a job I love and a wonderful boyfriend. Every day I wake up glad to be alive and energized by the sun and my surroundings. I have friends to chant with, play with, shop with and take long walks. I laugh so easily and feel totally in the flow with my life. Every day is full of appreciation and love right now." 

or maybe:

"Life, Gohonzon, I am so happy! I have a job I love and I do something that makes a difference in people's lives. I make ______ and have these benefits______. This year I travel to ______ and ______for my vacations"......and on and fill in the blanks. 


"My living situation is more harmonious than ever. Suddenly there is no more fighting and we all seem to have undergone a transformation. I feel more love in my life than ever. Thank you Gohonzon (my life!)
Goal Setting Technique #3

Write letters to whomever you want to bring into your life.

Many of you write me about finding the love of your life. Or about loving someone who does not seem ready to love you back. You can use this technique to write to a specific person, or to write to the love of your life - even if you haven't yet met. 

Here's how: 

Write letters to the person you envision being in your life. And if you really feel creative, write letters FROM them Back to YOU. 

Like this: 

Dear Love of my Life, 
I can't wait to meet you! Hurry into my life! 
I feel you close to me, I know we will meet shortly. You and I will enjoy so much together. I love your happy spirit, and sense of responsibility. You love my eyes and warm hugs. You are really made for  each other. We love and adore each other and love to make each other happy!  
Do you have any words for me? 

And then you write a letter from them to you: 

I can't wait until we meet. I have been waiting to meet you my whole life. Do not give up hope. I am nearer than ever before. Let's keep chanting and hoping and wishing on that star! Let's keep writing about our life together. It's getting closer and closer! 

And you can use this for a specific person as well. 

Happy New Year dear friends. 
I hope you have a great New Year's Eve and a Powerful New Year's Day!

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