Sunday, December 13, 2015

What Chanting Does in Our Lives! Overcoming all Doubts and Negativity

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This blog is written by Jamie Lee Silver, a practitioner of Nichiren, SGI, Practical Buddhism for over thirty years. I belong to the SGI and Daisaku Ikeda is my mentor in life. The passages I write here do not officially represent the SGI, they come from my ichinen to use my own life as encouragement as we all take the noble path to kosen-rufu (a world of respects for life) together. Please do not copy and paste this document without noting my name, and the blog address 

is tapping into 
and transforming 
our belief and access to
 the power within our lives. 

We go from feeling 

"this is impossible..." 
"maybe I can do this..." 
"absolutely this could be..." 
"YES this will be because I can make it happen! 
I am the Buddha of Absolute Freedom~!"
And we focus our prayer and chant every morning and evening towards our desires.

PowerPrayer for Kosen-Rufu in Action! 

(To use a PowerPrayer, 
just read this before chanting to fill you with a burst of positive energy!) 

"As I am chanting I tap into the life force of the Universe as the Buddha I AM and THIS will be so!!!"

"Any, ANY, doubts about my own capabilities, lack of experience, previous flaws or mistakes or failures....
as Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is coming out of my mouth, 
I am gazing at the Gohonzon, 
communing with the universe of possibility 
that exists within ME, 
at this moment, 
I know I have THIS positive power, 
and I will continue to manifest it through my life, 
NO MATTER WHAT may happen, 
no matter what winds may blow, 
I VOW to do more than ride the surf of my life, 
I vow to take the wheel of the ship that is my life. 

I will summon my own power and use it for good, 
in the best possible way 
that benefits myself and all others...
uplifting everyone 
and being uplifted by all those uplifters around me!
I am kosen-rufu in action! 

I will persevere, with my mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda. 
I will create a life of benefit for all, 
and all those around me will say 
"Unbelievable! ~  How does she do it?" 
Some will say: 
"Yowza - I will try chanting these words! It doesn't cost anything and I can do it." 
Others will say: 
"She's a Buddhist? Well, that might be a really fine way to live life. It's not for me, but it's worthy of respect." 

And I will step powerfully forward day, after day, after day!


  1. Thank you SO much for your encouraging uplifting blogs. I am 77 and first started chanting in 1975. After 8 yrs. I dropped out for a variety of reasons. I got back into the practice 6 mos ago. I feel like I've finally "come home" spiritually. I intend to spend the remainder of my life happily and doing all I can for Kosen Rufu.
    Warmly, Lynn

  2. Jamie,
    You are always so wonderful.