Sunday, December 6, 2015

Akemi Bailey-Haynie at Kosen Rufu Gongyo in Chicago!

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We had a great Kosen Rufu Gongyo at the Chicago Culture Center today! 

I hope all of you were able to attend Kosen Rufu Gongyo today.
(Also called World Peace Prayer in some areas). 

My son Aaron came with me, and Akemi Bailey-Haynie spoke. 

I'm not going to write her speech word-for-word, but I am going to tell you what I got out of it, and I thought her message rocked. 

You know how I am always writing about how important it is to do Gongyo twice a day, and how our attitude is so important? 

Well here are some things Akeymie said that really made sense:


She reminded us that Sensei says:

"Our attitude towards gongyo practice 
is a reflection of how we live our lives."


Akeymie advised us to 

~correct our gongyo and become more sincere. 

~do gongyo every day twice a day

~chant every single daimoku, and every gongyo as if it is the last time we are ever going to chant 

~read from the book as we do gongyo

~read the silent prayers at the end...don't make them up. Do a correct gongyo. 

~put our phones in the other room and turn then off when we chant. No texting. No Facebook. 

We can do this, can't we? 

She said, (and I paraphrase): 

"We are living in very serious times. There's no way you can transform the basic core of your life if you can't do gongyo twice a day."

So I invite you once again. Let's all chant like we mean it...and do gongyo like it matters. It matters! 
Let's chant twice a day every single day, put our phones away, use our books, and get even more sincere than we've ever been. 

Are you up for this challenge? What's it mean to you? What are your goals...
Write them down. 

Let's win in our lives right this very moment. 
Lets get benefits TODAY that will inspire us, lead us to do shakubuku and change the world! 

Lately I am hearing from people who have reached personal goals through reading this blog and chanting. 
Write me or call me - I'd like to know!
Jamie Lee Silver 630-926-3001


  1. Hi Jamie . I always look forward to your post and read them with my life. These few months have been really bad and stressful. I am suffering because of personal , financial and job karma. It seems there is no end to this . I feel inspired when I read other people's experiences but mostly I am feeling empty from inside.

    1. Dear Manpreet, I do not know you but I know your situation very clearly. Akemi encouraged us to chant to our Gohonzon like we have never chanted before! Change all poisons into medicine and live victoriously as a disciple of Sensei! Never give up on yourself, ever!

  2. Hi jamie i luv reading your blog...u are a great inspiration and a wonderful guide..luv you...

  3. Manpreet, feel free to write me at and I will respond to you. Please persevere! You are a true Buddha! Jamie