Sunday, December 29, 2013

We Are Microcosms of the Universe

Buddhist thought holds that we are microcosms of the universe. Science is moving closer to Buddhist thought all the time. This picture really intrigues me. It's just mesmerizing isn't it? And we access the power of the entire universe every time we chant. 

And when we look around our lives we see that our lives actually do reflect how we feel, what we see, and how we experience the world. 

Through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (it means: I fuse my life with the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration) we can set our entire lives right. 

We can change ANY poison into medicine. 
We can change anything. 
Life is eternal. 
Some things take longer than others, 
I know, we all know. 
But the important thing, as Daisaku Ikeda says, 
is to keep chanting until we DO change it. 

The important thing is to not give up, and to take every challenge and make fresh determinations around it.

ANY experience can be a catalyst for greater happiness when we meet it right in front of the Gohonzon, and don't run from it! The key is to keep chanting for human revolution, doing shakubuku and studying. 

How much Daimoku should you chant? We can only answer that question for ourselves. We each have a minimum amount that makes us feel good. Some of my friends chant at least two hours a day...others chant 15 minutes in the morning and the evening and make every second count. There is no prescription for this practice. It is for our own lives.  
How much we chant sometimes depends on our goals, our state of life, and as many have pointed out - we DO need to sleep! So ~ we chant as much as we need to keep our life conditions elevated! Only we know how long that is. And whatever we do ~ when confronted by obstacles and "problems" meet them head on in front of the Gohonzon and say 

"Life! I summoned this storm and I will USE it to revolutionalize (my word!) MY LIFE! I will use this as fuel for my life and the lives of others! I will prove the power of my life and this practice right here. RIGHT NOW!" 

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