Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be happier than EVER! Here's How ~ 5 Essential Keys and a PowerPrayer to Happiness

Our Happiness starts with us, with our conviction, with our hope and with our Happiness PowerPrayer. We can choose happiness in life. But it takes energy to do this! 

How much are we going to put into making our vision a reality? 

The Positive Psychologists talk about something called Activation Energy -  the "start up" energy that is required get something started. Establishing our solid practice requires "Activation Energy" and once this is established we are, as I say, "on a roll". It will affect all areas of our lives. 

I remember when I was concentrating on this activation energy. I knew that the more energy I put into my practice, the less energy I needed to use in my daily life...the more smoothly everything in my life went. Somehow everything took less time, and I was always in the right place at the right time. The same is true today. 
When I was first starting to chant, I sought our help. Fellow SGI members came to chant with me at night and in the morning for a while to help me establish this rhythm. (Thank you Dolores and San Francisco members!) 

Here's what it takes to Establish a Strong Practice: 

1. Strong Desire - written goals and determinations are really helpful...a fire burning in your heart...HOPE!
2. Connecting with the SGI and making friends in faith. 
3. Keeping to a schedule (even if a bit flexible) of chanting twice a day every day. 
4. Studying the Gosho and President Ikeda's guidance and sharing this practice with others. 
5. Encouraging others to the best of our ability. 

This is the formula for happiness - and you can do it! 

No one can do this for us. We are the only ones who can change our karma and the best thing is 
We CAN do this. 
We CAN be Happy.
We can change anything.

But we have to do it! No one can do it for us. Once we establish the daily rhythm we WILL notice a difference, unless we are eroding our lives by constant complaining and "why me-ing". 
Turn "Why-me?" into "YES ME!" Remember that no matter what we are facing  - We Summoned this storm! Our obstacles are tailor made for us to launch our lives into the next level of happiness. Our obstacles get us there. We can't change our karma without them! 

Our Happiness is important. 
Our happiness changes the world. 
Happiness is our birthright, 
it is our mission, 
and it is possible

Of course each of our actions make a difference:

Smiling at another is a cause for our (and their) happiness. According to recent studies, when we smile at a person our smile alone makes a person happier. Our emotions are contagious. And the act of smiling makes us happier too. Isn't that wonderful? 

Power Prayer for Happiness:
You may want to read this before chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo 
and keep some of these phrases in mind while you chant. 
Use them to fill your life with determination!
By Jamie Lee Silver

I am determined to build a life of happiness! 
I am filled with appreciation 
I am determined to chant every day - twice a day 
from now on! 
I am determined to use ALL my problems 
as fuel for creating victory 
in all areas of my life...
and use my life
to show that the impossible is possible
and encourage others to chant. 
I WILL WIN is all aspects of my life! 
I will win in these areas______________,______________,_________________________, ________________. 
I am determined to be happy, 
and have great and fulfilling relationships! 
I am determined to strengthen my practice, and deepen my faith.  
I renew my determination
to chant every day twice a day, 
go to as many meetings as possible, 
and encourage others!
I WILL do this.
I deserve to be happy! 

And become a part of our wonderful Soka Gakkai organization to support you. 
In the SGI you will find friends in faith, be encouraged, and encourage others. 
Use the SGI-Portal link at the right to find a meeting near you. 

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