Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heart-to-Heart Dialogue Transcends Time and Space

This Guidance came to me through my good friend in faith Amos Snell. 
It is based on SGI Vice President Mr. Matsushita's guidance given at FNCC.

Heart-to-Heart Dialogue 
can be carried out 
to anyone.

In 1992 Sensei took a walk in the cemetery to converse with the souls who were greeting him joyfully. They were having a heart to heart dialogue. He said Dialogue requires heart-to-heart connection. True Dialogue. 

Sensei said you can have dialogue in your heart with anyone anywhere at any time, living or dead. 

What is the first step to touching another person's heart? Appreciation. 
Chant to develop appreciation. The path of the Bodhisattva lies in developing and expressing appreciation. 

How to Increase Our Efforts by 100X

In 1993 Sensei said he was going to increase his efforts 100 times more than ever before. His trusted advisers were perplexed. He was already doing so much, how could he make this happen? They thought he might just be saying this to encourage them, but they couldn't imagine it happening. But, he DID increase his efforts by 100 times. 
And he explained how to accomplish this:

Sensei said: 
I always focus on the here and on the now. 
I strive to see this very moment. 
It's the only one I have. 
I put 100% of my life, my effort, 
into changing that moment. 
Anyone who lives their life this way 
will have tremendous fortune. 

Everything begins with Gongyo. 

Who will I present to the Gohonzon today? 
WIll I present someone without confidence...
someone who questions if he deserves his benefits 
and is begging the Gohonzon to save him? 
Or will I present my true eternal self. 
If I chant with 
Concrete Goals, 
and Compassion 
I will generate the conviction that 
"I will make this happen 
based on the power of the Buddha Inside." 
When we chant our life fuses with the Mystic Law. 

Our life is as expansive as the whole universe  - 
it expands beyond our skin 
into the far reaches of the universe. 
Our life, 
powered with Daimoku 
can move anything in the universe. 

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