Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Glorious Mission = Our Glorious Life!

Awareness of Our Glorious Mission
Awareness of Our Glorious Lives!

I do not say this lightly! In my opinion, the more aware I am of my mission, the more energy I feel towards winning over every aspect of my life...because I am determined to overcome my problems not just for me, but as an inspiration to others. When we can truly feel this way, our problems become opportunities, not burdens. How is this possible? 

I remember a time talking to Kate (she introduced me to this practice and is my dear friend and SGI mentor)  about my challenges. She said "Raise your problems to realize your noble mission. You are not facing them just for yourself, but for all the people you will help. The most important thing is to chant to strengthen your life, because that is the key to everything. A strong life equals a happy life. Appreciate your problems and win over them!" 

Wise words! 

I'm here in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth. I had intended to come here from Chicago for a two day stay but the huge storm that just raged across America changed my plans. I spent almost three hours in line at the airport yesterday and was able to get a ticket back for Wednesday night. I met some nice people in line.  Today is the coldest day in Chicago in 40 years - it's -13, negative 13 but the wind chill factor makes it feel like it's negative 40. They are calling Chicago Chiberia. Funny. Many schools and businesses are closed. I am not missing anything by being here is Asheville, and I have the morning to answer emails, chant and write. 

Our friend Morag in the UK has been thinking about the recent posts about fulfilling our vow for kosen-rufu, and found this is the New Human Revolution, by Daisaku Ikeda, Volume 17 on page 232:

Shin'ichi then went on to introduce four guidelines for carrying out ones mission for kosen-rufu: 

1) Have strong unwavering faith in the Gohonzon and firmly believe in you ability to share Buddhism with others;
2) Study the Daishonin's teachings;
3) Take courageous action with composure and resolve 
4) Strive to grasp the Soka Gakkai spirit and posses a strong sense of awareness as a capable person dedicated to kosen-rufu. 

Thank you Morag! 

We can all win in our lives. Whatever we are dealing is our opportunity to change it. It is our gift to the world. I overcame my depression and anxiety and now can help others to do the same thing. We each will help others by winning over what is right in front of us. 

The key is to not give up, not feel sorry for ourselves, but to elevate our problems into our mission. We can do this!

I am answering some emails this morning. I'm a little behind. Please keep studying President Ikeda's words and reading the Gosho with your life! Write me at 

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