Monday, January 13, 2014

PowerPrayer to Do A Great Job At Work

It's Monday Morning here in Chicago. Thank you for all your emails. The Chicago SGI Buddhist Center is a really wonderful place (I posted some pictures yesterday), and in answer to your questions it is about 25 miles from where I live and takes 30 minutes on a Sunday morning and up to 90 minutes on a week night with traffic. 
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with son Aaron was over to watch the San Francisco 49ers play the South Carolina Panthers in American Football, with only one more game to go before the Superbowl.  Next week they'll play Seattle and that will be a really tough game. I'm not really a "football fan" but I'll watch games from time to time and love to be with my family when they're watching. 

Last night I had Ben over for dinner and watched the Golden Globes with my friend Kindred. 

My son Ben is doing great. He starts a job today, and he'll be taking some college classes soon. Thank you with all my heart for your prayers. 

When I was at the Chicago Buddhist Center I bought the new book The Heart of the Lotus Sutra by Daisaku Ikeda. I read the first chapter called "Impressions on my Mentor's State of Life" yesterday and have been thinking about what a revolutionary practice we have. I was struck again by how accessible this practice is to all people. Do you realize that this is the FIRST form of Buddhism where people who are not priests chant the prayers? The actual PRACTICE of Nichiren Buddhism is something we each undertake as Votaries of the Lotus Sutra. 

What does being a "Votary" mean? According to Daisaku Ikeda it means "those who dedicate themselves to the mission of saving all people throughout the entire world" and "individuals, basing themselves on the Mystic Law, contribute to others and to society as "votaries," that is PEOPLE OF ACTION." All of US!

"President Toda initiated the great struggle to spread the Lotus Sutra of the Latter Day for the sake of those laboring under the dire consequences after World War II. "I want to banish the word 'misery' from the world and rid the world of poverty and sickness." This passionate cry of my mentor, who stood up alone after the war, still resounds in my ears. This cry of the spirit is none other than the heart of the Lotus Sutra."
From The Heart of the Lotus Sutra by Daisaku Ikeda, page 7

I know that I also carry that "cry" in my heart, as a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda and Josei Toda. 

Today I share with you a PowerPrayer I have been chanting every morning before work. I'm in the training phase of doing my job. As I am chanting I am making the following declaration to my life:

PowerPrayer to Maximize the first Days at a New Job:
(I have a very creative job. After I have met all my key colleagues I will devise my own plan of action) 
by Jamie Lee Silver from


I am determined to fully grasp 
what each colleague is telling me, 
and pave the way for a great future 
by doing a great job today!  
I will take understandable notes.
I am determined to sharpen my memory 
and make a clear plan of action. 
Each moment 
I shine with the light of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 
Each moment I do shakubuku with my life by being cheerfully, respectful, appreciative and caring. 
I am determined to pave the way for my growth, success and happiness, and to be an INDISPENSABLE employee!
Shoten zenjin! Support me in my every effort!  

Have a great day, or evening! 
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  1. Wonderful! Just what I need today, trying to get through this Monday at work! Thank you!