Saturday, January 11, 2014

Victory! 10 Point Plan for Finding a Job!

I enter this new year with Victory upon Victory. I have a new job, a new love and both my sons are doing great! 

I just started my new job and it is awesome. I am working for a senior living community as their Senior Community Outreach Specialist. This community is dedicated to helping each senior live "Their BEST Life" in all ways. They've been around since 1924, have many staff members who've worked there more than 20 years and they are constantly expanding their services to seniors and the community. 

My 10 Point Plan for 
Finding a Job:
by Jamie Lee Silver from the blog

1. Dedicated myself to the happiness of my members, and to be the kind of person Daisaku Ikeda would respect. I was available whenever people wanted to chant or talk, to the best of my ability. I studied every day. 

2. Chanted for the total protection of the help me find the perfect job for kosen-rufu. 

3. Chanted for the youth of the world and made a determination to introduce one youth by November 18th. The weekend before November 18th I chanted more than 10 hours and made my goal. 

4. I made my list of exactly what I wanted in my next job for kosen-rufu.

5. I beefed up my Linkedin profile. (Professional networking site) 

6. I met with people in my field to network and had specific questions to ask them. 

7. I applied for jobs I found interesting

8. When I saw this job I called someone I knew who worked there and let her know I was interested in applying. 

9. I researched the company through the web and through my professional network. 

10. I didn't worry about anything - I just let it go. 

And Boom. Two days ago I started the new job and I love it! 

I am starting this year with a bang. Please send me your victories too at 

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  1. I love this blog. It is very encouraging. In the world we live in, encouragement is key. Good News! Thanks for what you do to uplife the people of the world