Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Experience of Victory in Health

This is my recent experience Shared on 23.03.2014 (Sunday) 
Good morning!
I am Nalini Prakash. I have been practicing this noble philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for the last 12 years. I cannot even imagine my life without this practice.
It is my greatest pleasure and privilege to report my victory to my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda and heartfelt thanks to GOHONZON for providing me the opportunity to share my experience on this day. 
On 4th December 2013 my father ( 67 years old) was taken to the hospital on an emergency due to acute abdominal pain. His scan report showed appendicitis with perforation. He required an emergency surgery. On operating the abdomen there was a lot of pus and all the interstitial coils were stuck to each other. The surgeon also saw a mass in the large intestine.  The tumour was quite big. The surgeon suspected it to be a Cancer/TB.  So major surgery was carried out – right hemicolectomy. This part of large intestine was subjected to pathological examination. After dissection, multiple sections were given from the specimen to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of malignancy.
I am very fortunate to be working in a Medical college and that too in the department of pathology.  We have faculty with many years of experience in pathology, however most of the faculty collectively felt that it could be Cancer/TB. One of the doctor with previous work experience from prestigious cancer hospital and specialist in oncopathology strongly felt that my father’s case was a 100% malignancy case without any doudt. She asked me to approach her if she needed assistance in any way.
This was really challenging for me and was an opportunity to show the actual proof to doctors emphasizing my faith in the practice.   Majority of the faculty were in favour of malignancy.  After having seen my father’s resected surgical specimen faculty members were worried seeing the nature of the growth in the colon and its gross appearance.  However they made sure that adequate sections were given from the representative growth to rule out or confirm the malignancy. 
I decided to challenge it.  During this period, my daimoku was keeping my life condition high and even though I was struggling, I still felt confident and full of hope.
My Buddhist practice has taught me to overcome difficulties by focusing on prayer and taking action for others. I began by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and visiting members. As I encouraged them, my resolve strengthened. 

I read gosho Reply to kyo’s Nichiren Daishonin says “Believe in this mandala with all your heart. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?" these lines inspired me a lot. 
I was constantly in touch with my Gakkai members. I took guidance from my seniors. I was advised to increase my daimoku. I continued my human revolution (through chanting for Doctors wisdom, nurses, entire hospital patients speed recovery, talking to patient attenders for their high life condition and for their courage) and be determined to win. 
"Let me experience WITH MY LIFE the power of this prayer - not just for myself, but so that I can encourage others." 
I followed this guidance wholeheartedly and each day I used to study and share my mentors guidance and encouraged other members. I felt as though Sensei is chanting with me encouraging me not to lose hope and to move forward for the final victory.
Multiple lymph nodes were found and sections were given for examination. Thorough microscopic examination revealed no evidence of malignancy/ TB.  
The diagnosis was Eosinophilic colitis with peritonitis.
 It was a very pleasant surprise to the entire faculty and they themselves told it’s amazing. It’s a rare case. 
This being a unique case, the faculty involved in reporting this case and have taken it up into converting this to a publication in a reputed medical journal. 
This case also highlights interesting facts in medical science and serves as a wonderful learning experience for pathology post graduate students. 
Post this,  doctors and friends in my work place  who knew about the practice encouraged me to continue and asked me never to discontinue the practice under any circumstances. 
The surgery was required because of the nature of the complication. 
These days it is very difficult to get admitted in a good hospital. One has to face many problems like getting bed in ICU, high ICU charges, every day we have to pay, getting good doctors and good facilities. In this case, timely intervention prevented discomfort, distress and agony for my father.
Mystically   during this period, protection came financially also.
From the day one I spoke to Chief administrator in the hospital, he ensured all arrangements were made till the end. The entire treatment was covered by the institution and we got a special ward too! Except the charges for medicine
ICU Charges, doctors consult fees, surgery fees, OTTcharges, lab fees, nursing fees & special ward charges were completely covered. 
I was chanting for other patient’s speedy recovery.Patient attenders voluntarily looked after my father. I did not apply any leave; people were very co-operative and took good care of my father. 
Throughout 15 days of his hospital journey my father was having a high life condition and the doctors, nurses and attenders werevery happy to see my father recover. 
 I’m happy to report that now he is eating healthy food, walking twice a day. He is basically a musician and has started his regular programs.                       . 
During this period I did lots of shakubuku. At work place I showed lots of actual proof in my department. Due to this I got an opportunity to do shakubuku and spread Daishonin’s Buddhism. Through this experience, I am planting the seeds of Buddhism at my work place, friends and   relatives   spreading Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 
With this victory, I determine to make each day of my life a victorious experience. I will challenge, small or big, and create a history to prove the power of the Mystic Law.

Thanks to the Gakkai members who supported me a lot. 


  1. Good....very inspiring...i too have recently started chanting since last couple of months. ..its really magic..! I have become more positive....I wish a more speedy recovery for your father. ..

    Mona Mumbai India

  2. Nalini- your experience is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.