Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda

IT is beneficial to study the doctrines of Buddhism. The more we study them, the more it reinforces our understanding and deepens our appreciation of the excellence and profundity of Buddhism, which in turn serves to strengthen our faith and conviction. The fundamental purpose of our Buddhist study is to fortify the power of our faith and practice.

"TRY" is a little word, but big things - victory and glory - can be found within it. The sight of someone trying, no matter what obstacles one faces, no matter what the circumstances are, is the sight of victory itself.

PRAYERS offered based on the Mystic Law for the repose of a deceased parent constitute the highest form of filial piety. The Daishonin stated that one who carries out such filial actions will definitely be protected by the Buddhist gods.

IT is vital to deepen your "roots of faith". If the roots of your faith are deep, you will never be toppled by the winds of impermanence. The "branches" of complete fulfilment will then grow, and the "fruit" of your change in destiny towards the attainment of Buddhahood will ripen. The accumulation of many experiences in faith, along with your daily practice and effort, will nourish the root of your faith and allow them to spread and deepen.

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  1. Dear Jamie,thank you so much for this blog. I hope you succeed in spreading kosen rofu as far as possible and may you achieve everything and anything that stems from your heart. I am fairly new to this practice and I will soon join SGI.I am attempting something in life that everyone finds a little too crazy and my parents,relatives and friends discourage me from it. It isn't shaking my belief in the least and now I am even more determined to do it and prove them wrong. I don't bear them any ill feelings as I can understand where they are coming from. But I am sort of doubting my own love for my craft. I may be inexperienced and naive and probably horrible at my craft but I do think I love it the most. Now,I am not sure if what I am attempting to do is even the right decision. They want me to cling to safety and I want to soar free and probably fall and get back to flying and fly higher and higher. I really don't know what to do.I just want to know if I am going on the right path. Keeping faith while jumping off a cliff and expecting to fly isn't exactly logical,it is senseless... or is it pure faith ?
    I am really confused. Please help me.