Monday, March 31, 2014

One Sure Way to Experience Joy RIght Now!

"It is important that we live cheerfully 
with a strong spirit of optimism, 
we need to be able 
to continually direct our minds 
in a bright, 
and beneficial 
and help those around us to do so, too. 
We should strive to develop a state of life 
where we feel a sense of joy 
no matter what happens." 
From For Today and Tomorrow by Daisaku Ikeda, p.339

Nichiren Buddhists talk about something called Life Condition. What do we mean by this term? First of all, as Buddhists we believe that our environments and everything in it is a mirror of our inner life. So when we change our lives...our environment changes. That's  fundamental to Nichiren Buddhist belief. 

How can we change ourselves to change our environment? 

We Chant to Raise Our Life Condition, and to do our Human Revolution 

That's it. It sounds so simple because it IS simple. When we chant to raise our life condition our life condition changes. 
Life Condition consists of the TEN WORLDS:


Comprehensive explanations of the Ten Worlds can be found on the SGI-USA.ORG website and throughout the writings of Daisaku Ikeda. You can access the website here or by using the portal on the right of this post. 

Here is what I consider key:

I chant to experience life in the world of see through the eyes of the Buddha and feel with the heart of the Buddha. I chant to have the compassion and love of a Buddha...the Buddha that I am...the Buddha that you are. 
Go Buddha Go! You are unstoppable! 

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