Friday, June 27, 2014

Practicing Buddhism = Banishing Fear

Embracing Buddhism gives us access to living a fearless life. 
I can personally say that chanting the name of the mystic law - Nam-myoho-renge-kyo has been my key to tapping into the vital life resources that has sprung me depression and unhappiness into a life of never ending wonder and happiness. 

As Daisaku Ikeda writes in Faith into Action, page 110:(available through the SGI website - see the link to the right) 

People who have strong faith are fearless,
they can overcome anything. 
There is no obstacle or adversity 
that they cannot surmount. 
In the very depths of their lives, 
no matter what happens 
they lead lives of "the greatest of all joys." (6/10/96) 

When I first started this blog - almost 5 years ago, I was frequently crushingly depressed. There were days I had to just put one foot in front of the other and struggle not to cry all day. 
I began writing this blog with the determination to practice harder than I ever had before, and to prove through my efforts and results - through my life itself that ANYTHING was possible. If I could free myself from the depression I'd had my whole life, and that my mother also experienced...I would show that the impossible is possible, and be able to inspire countless others. Now the depression is gone and close to 35,000 people see this blog every month! 

Thank you so much for passing the link to your friends. Countless people have joined or reconnected to the SGI through this humble portal!
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And now, I will soon enter my 30th year of practice and I see this fearlessness blooming in my life like never before. 

We talk about conspicuous and inconspicuous benefits. We can SEE conspicuous benefits. They are all around us. We get the job, we make the money, we fall in love etc. But inconspicuous benefits are the treasures of the heart we build day after day after day as we sit in front of the Gohonzon (the scroll that is the mirror of our lives) and chant to bring forth our Buddha nature, chant to do our human revolution, chant to strengthen our lives. 

THAT is where the true fortune lies. For what is a new house, a new car, a new job or a new relationship when we are cowering in fear...we are afraid it is ephemeral...we're afraid we'll lose it, we're afraid of death, of life, of rejection etc. 

This practice gives us the keys to the inner kingdom where the real treasure lies. 
Fresh Determination

This week I received some interesting news. I went to a doctor and was referred to a surgeon, and just took a test early this morning to find out more. And I remain relentlessly cheerful, happy and unafraid. I am a new Jamie that I barely recognize. I haven't cried or been sad. I just feel in my life "I summoned this storm! Bring it on! I know through this adventure that I will be stronger and healthier and happier than ever before!" Because that is what I have been chanting for. I am at the mid point of this precious life and I am determined to bring 100x more vigor, more enthusiasm, more power to help other people and more results into my life! 
So if some type of medical procedure has to come first, well then it is a stepping stone to achieving all my goals...not an obstacle that stands in the way of achieving them. 

I need to be well to travel the world and meet all of my readers and fellow members!  

Today, and every day is a day of great benefits! Ben starts a new job! Thank you for all your Daimoku! And tomorrow I fly to California and meet my dear friend Etjen at LAX and drive to visit her sister in beautiful Ojai! On Wednesday I go to LA to see Kate, my mentor and friend. Who knows what the future will bring. 

Every day on this trip I will be chanting to open my life to new possibilities and to discover in myself new capabilities for experiencing love, light and happiness. I will be bringing my computer and continuing to blog ~ and I'll post some pictures for you. 

Whatever is troubling you, 
whatever you are desiring, 
whatever you do 
KEEP CHANTING every day twice a day, 
KEEP STUDYING Daisaku Ikeda and the Gosho 
with your life!
and your life will unfold 
into a beautiful chapter you have written...
with every tear...with every smile...and with every effort you've made to sit down, face your life and chant!

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