Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 Gongyo Tips from Morag in the UK

Continuing on the theme of perfecting our Gongyo and breaking though in our lives, I offer you this guest post from my dear friend and reader - Morag in the UK:

I recently posted an essay by Ted Morino regarding Gongyo - Morag comments on what she got from reading the post: 

At the end of the guidance from Ted Morino, he says: 

Positive thoughts, 
Strong prayer and 
Clear daimoku.  

If you look at the Gohonzon, the central NMRK , the top character looks like a plus + sign (positivity), the myo looks like a swept off heart sign (strong faith and prayer from the heart) and I look to Nichiren's signature for the strong daimoku to always remind myself of the buddha life state and that it applies TO ME!

After reading Ted's guidance I took down all the extraneous prayers, lowered my Butsudan, de-cluttered the altar and had a thorough clean at the same time.  I know it made a difference.

Much love and gratitude to you for your guidance and encouragement.                       Morag  xx

Thank you Morag! 

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