Monday, June 2, 2014

Chanting in Joyful Appreciation!

This morning I awaken with a joyful heart. I had a wonderful weekend full of exciting events and surprises. This morning's gongyo was pure appreciation. Every.  Single.  Minute. 
Just focusing on all the things I am grateful for gives rise to a joyous heart and a state free from fear. 

Has every single thing I am chanting for happened? No. So many things are still in flux, but that is life itself. It is, as Linda Johnson put it this weekend "a constant struggle to overcome our own belief and negativity that what we want is not possible." We chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to naturally give rise to the strength, courage, light and happiness that we draw from within our own lives. How wonderful! 

Today's Guidance by Daisaku Ikeda in 
For Today and Tomorrow reads:

"No matter where we go, 
we cannot escape 
from the sufferings that are part and parcel of life. 
If we cannot avoid these sufferings, 
then our only choice is to overcome them. 
And since we have no choice but to overcome them, 
then we might as well 
live joyfully and vigorously while doing so. 
Let's continue to strive and chant daimoku to the end!"

How fortunate we are to have the tool of chanting to overcome our sufferings. How cool it is that we can bloom in happiness even in our struggles...we bloom because of our struggles. Our wisdom and study brings us to the point where we appreciate everything...even our obstacles...because we KNOW that these obstacles are exactly what we need to exercise that muscle of faith...and become even more strong and courageous every day. 

I will give a full report on Linda Johnson's speech from this weekend at the Chicago SGI Center when I have a few moments to decipher my notes. Every time I hear her speak I gain new perspective!

Have a Great day...or night my friends! 

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